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I just savored Dutch pancakes (Pannenkoek) at Cafe Garuru!

I just savored Dutch pancakes (Pannenkoek) at Cafe Garuru!

If you want to try delicious Dutch pancakes (Pannenkoek) then I recommend Cafe Garuru in Suita, Osaka!


I learned a new cafe had opened in Suita, Osaka where one can enjoy Dutch pancakes, so I went to check it out.


Cafe Garuru opened in the suburbs in March 2015.
It’s a large store with space for 25 cars in the parking lot.


It features a chic wooden interior with a relaxing atmosphere.


There are 95 seats in total. There are various different seats, from counter seats to table seats, so it is convenient for every situation.


This time, I was shown to a seat with a view over the garden.


The high ceiling and sense of openness make you feel right at home.


My target this time was the Dutch pancake (Pannenkoek).
This pancake is apparently 26cm in diameter and has a chewy texture like a crepe.


There are five varieties of Pannenkoek to choose from:
・Apple (¥700)
・Apple and Vanilla (¥760)
・Banana (¥700)
・Chocolate and Banana (¥720)
・Chocolate, Banana, and Vanilla (¥780)
There were also Pannenkoek with cheese and ham toppings.


This time I ordered the Apple and Banana Pannenkoek (¥760) and the Bacon, Cheese, and Onion Pannenkoek (¥820)


I had it cut into slices like a pizza.
The chewy batter and the sweet-and-sour taste of the apples complemented each other beautifully.
You also get the crunch of the apples, so there is variation to be enjoyed in the texture too.


It went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream and bitter blended coffee and I finished it in no time!


I also tried the store’s popular product: the BLT Sandwich. I was so satisfied with the scent of the bacon and texture of the sandwich.


You can also order other dishes such as the Morning Plate, Eggs Benedict, and Roast Beef Don too, so next time I think I will visit in the morning or at lunch time.


・If you love pancakes,
・or you are looking for pancakes with a unique look and taste,
・or you are looking for a delicious cafe in Suita…
then Cafe Garuru, near JR Suita Station, is for you.



store Cafe Garuru
tel 06-6368-2229
address 26-7, Kamiyamatecho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 1,157m from Senriyama Station
opening hours 8:00~22:30 (Breakfast 〜11:30)
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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