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At NICULA, you can savor shaved ice that is a must-eat for strawberry fans!

At NICULA, you can savor shaved ice that is a must-eat for strawberry fans!

If you love strawberries and shaved ice, I recommend NICULA's Fruity Strawberry Shaved Ice!


I found a shaved ice that I’d love to recommend to strawberry fans!
The shop is NICULA, that opened in Temmabashi, Osaka, in 2014.


It’s a Japanese sweet shop within walking distance of Temmabashi Station.


NICULA’s specialty, Yuzu Dorayaki (200 yen) caught my interest.


Inside the shop, there’s a large showcase on the right.


On the left are tables and seats.


There are private rooms in the back that can be used for meetings too.


The showcase holds many enticing Japanese sweets.


I was especially curious about the Nama Choco Daifuku (250 yen) that is made with Belgian chocolate.


More alluring Japanese sweets are spread next to the showcase.


What caught my interest here was the Sweet Potato (300 yen).


There was a dining area, so I decided to savor the Japanese sweets inside the shop.
Uji Matcha Parfait, Anmitsu, Warabi Mochi, Ice Monaka, so many Japanese sweets I want to try…


It’s nice that you can have meals too, such as Curry, Menta Cream Udon and Cha Soba in the Japanese sweet shop.


Because I visited ruing lunchtime, I chose the Japanese sweet shop’s Curry.


When I was wondering what Japanese sweet to choose for dessert, I found the shaved ice menu!


When I asked for a recommendation, the manager recommended the Fruity Strawberry.


So I ordered the Fruity Strawberry Shaved Ice (850 yen).


The bowl is full of strawberries…


Here I go!


First, the strawberry.
While retaining the tartness of strawberry, you can also taste the sweetness of the syrup.
You can enjoy a flavor that is different from fresh strawberries.


The strawberries are on the sweet side, so they match well with the ice.
You can also enjoy the contrast of textures between the granular ice and fruity strawberries.


It is topped with milky ice cream, which also creates a mellow flavor.


It was even more delicious when I made it into strawberry milk in my bowl.


I was surprised by the amount of strawberries that didn’t seem to lessen no matter how much I ate!
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this shaved ice was made for strawberry fans, and I thoroughly enjoyed the strawberries with this shaved ice.
It was delicious. Thank you.


I had monaka after the shaved ice, and the right degree of sweetness excellently enhanced the quality of the ingredients.
I finished with a delicious Japanese sweet.
They have a lot of drinks too, so I think I’ll visit the dining area again.
・If you love strawberries,
・If you’re looking for a shaved ice unavailable else where,
・If you’re looking for a Japanese sweet shop where you can eat near Temmabashi,
I recommend NICULA.



store NICULA
tel 06-6910-0008
address 2-1-6, Uchihiranomachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 374m from Tenmabashi Station
opening hours 10:00~18:00
holiday Sat.-Sun. and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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