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I highly recommend acidracines in Temmabashi to anyone searching for scrumptious canelés in Osaka!

I highly recommend acidracines in Temmabashi to anyone searching for scrumptious canelés in Osaka!

If you like canelés, then you must try the canelés at acidracines!


A canelé is a confection that hails traditionally from the Bordeaux region of France.
If you bite into it you’ll notice it’s crispy outside by chewy center. It has the sweet-smelling taste of a Western liqueur.
It’s so delicious you’ll get hooked and find yourself coming back for another one!


It seems I’ve found another spot that’s serving up these yummy delights.
This time, I’d like to present the canelés from acidracines, a pasty shop in Osaka.
You can find this shop in Temmabashi.


You’ll immediately be taken in by the canelés they have lined up above the showcase.


Before I knew it, I had already purchased three.


Canelé Bordeaux (¥290)
At this size, it even sits cutely in the palm of your hand, which makes it even more charming.


I started off by cutting it in half to see what was inside.
The sweet and savory flavor floats up to your nose, making your mouth water.
The amazing texture has this crunchy outside but chewy center. Plus, the strong savory but sweetness of it has a well-balanced aftertaste that’s reminiscent of European liqueur.
It’s soooo yummmyy!!
The richness isn’t overpowering so you feel like you could just keep eating more.


It was so delicious. Thanks for the treat!


I’ve had many canelés in my day but none have had the expertly baked quality or deep flavors as the ones from acidracines.
– For those who like canelés
– For those who love savory sweets that might even remind you of Japanese karinto
– For those looking for a delicious based pasty in Osaka
If you’re any of the above I highly recommend trying the canelés from acidracines.



store acidracines
tel 06-7165-3495
address 1-4-6, Uchihiranomachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 307m from Temmabashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Sat.] 11:00~20:00 [Sun.] 11:00~18:00
holiday Wednesdays and Thursdays (Check Irregular holidays on website )
Original(Written in Japanese)



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