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From apple enthusiasts comes elicafe

From apple enthusiasts comes elicafe

I feasted on apple sweets from the apple enthusiasts behind elicafe!


I heard of a cafe in Osaka’s Nishi-Umeda that was run by apple-lovers, and decided to bring along two others on my visit.


This spot is called elicafe.


It’s located on the second building just next to the Sky Building, a popular spot with among non-Japanese patrons.


The first floor is just a workshop and bar counter.
There are a lot of dishes made with apples, but they also have dishes like yakiniku and “shirasu” fish cakes.


This time I went to the second floor cafe space and went to town on these three apple desserts:


A moist and fluffy apple cake (¥480).


A whole-roasted apple (¥650).


Freshly baked apple pie (¥400).


The apple desserts are made with spices that bring out the apple flavor and are wonderfully delicious.


I was impressed how these desserts brought out the inherent goodness of the apples.
Being such a big fan of apples, I felt I could convey these desserts well.
They were all very delicious. What a treat!


The second floor cafe has a spot where you can really kick back and relax.


Having a place to take off your shoes and kick back in a metropolis like Umeda makes this spot really special.


The apple juice had a delicious flavor, too.


– For those who love apples
– For looking for a cafe to eat delicious apple pie and other apple desserts
– For those looking for a yummy cafe with desserts that are perfect for a date
If you’re any of the above you’ve got to check out elicafe.



store elicafe
tel 06-7493-3019
address 1-3-18, Oyodominami, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 551m from Osaka Station
opening hours 8:00-20:00
holiday Tuesdays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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