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“CAFE LA MILLE” Savor morning pancakes at an elegant cafe in Umeda, Osaka!

“CAFE LA MILLE” Savor morning pancakes at an elegant cafe in Umeda, Osaka!

I recommend CAFE LA MILE located in the underground of Osaka Garden City when you want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast among the office buildings of Umeda, Osaka.



I have visited this cafe a few times, but this is the first time in the morning.
I love the wood interior, and it is one of the places that I visit often on my day offs.


The reason for visiting this time was to have the morning pancakes.


I was wavering toward the enticing morning set (500 yen) which perhaps nine out of ten people order, but I picked the morning pancake set instead (762 yen: without tax).


It felt so luxurious waiting for the pancakes while having a delicious cup of coffee.


The pancakes were served in about 15 minutes after ordering.
There were two smallish pancakes along with scrambled eggs and salad on the plate.


The amount of dressing is up to you.
Personally I really like the idea of controlling the amount of not only maple syrup, but also salad dressing.
(Many restaurants tend to use too much dressing and destroy the balance with the salad.)


The pancakes have a firm texture and are full of rich sweetness.
You can fully enjoy the slightly charred aroma and sweetness which bring back memories of the taste of baby sponge cake at a festival.


After tasting the simple flavor of pancake by itself, I took a bite with maple syrup and butter.
So delicious!!
The rich sweetness of maple syrup and the saltiness of the butter added extra flavor to the pancake.


The amount of salt in the butter is especially good and emphasizes the flavor of the pancake, almost making me order one more.
I was hooked on this saltiness.
It was the pancake with the impressively tasty butter which I wish I could take home.
It was delicious. Thank you very much.


CAFE LA MILE is a cozy cafe with a relaxed atmosphere where you can almost forget it is located among office buildings.
Please visit the cafe when you feel like eating a good breakfast before work in Umeda, Osaka.
French Toast was also on the menu, so I would like to savor that next time!



tel 06-4795-8282
address Osaka Garden City meiziyasudaseimeiosaka Bld.B1F, 3-3-20, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi,
Google Map
transport 392m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 9:00-21:00
holiday -
Original(Written in Japanese)



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