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The hugely satisfying limited menu and hidden menu of Namba “Chinese Noodle Marutake”

The hugely satisfying limited menu and hidden menu of Namba “Chinese Noodle Marutake”

These pork bone and soy-based, Wakayama-style, Chinese noodles have a big, and very dedicated, fan base!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Chinese Noodle Marutake”, in Namba.
For the first time in a while, I had the “Marutake Soba”(800Yen), which sells out in a short time every day.
It’s a hugely popular dish – pork bone and soy-based, Wakayama-style noodle soup – and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular when you try it.

01 02

The lovely, thick soup…


This soup perfectly balances the deep and rich umami of pork bones with the refreshing clarity of soy sauce!

The slightly thick noodles…


The springy noodles soak up the soup really well!


The beautifully presented roast pork fillet…


The roast pork fillet has the perfect texture, and exudes more flavor the more you chew!
Eating this makes you want to have a beer to go with it. (^^


My other item for today is from the hidden menu – bamboo shoot (‘Menma’) bowl – which is just 300Yen!
Even though it’s not written on the menu, the chefs will gladly make it if you order it.
It seems unlikely until you eat it. (^^


Hidden under the large amount of bamboo shoots, there is plenty of roast pork off-cuts. It’s topped with an egg, so before you eat it, give it a good stir to mix all the flavors together…


The combination of flavors – the exquisitely seasoned bamboo shoots, the rich roast pork, and the egg – come together in a dish that is too good for words!
And given the substantial amount you get, 300 yen is an absolute steal!

06 07

Next to the cash register is a collection box.

08 09

Though there may not be a line down the street, inside the shop is busy as always!
It appears there are more hidden dishes, so I’m definitely going back! (^^


store “Chinese Noodle Marutake”
tel 06-6643-6633
address 6-16, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 5 minutes walk from Nankai line Namba station
opening hours 11:30~15:00 18:00~21:00
holiday Wednesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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