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Chunagon, Osaka Ekimae Daisan Building

Chunagon, Osaka Ekimae Daisan Building

A total Ise lobster meal satiation with the Ise course menu!

Chunagon, Osaka Ekimae Daisan Building

A total Ise lobster meal satiation with the Ise course menu!

A birthday meal party was thrown for me at the Chunagon Osaka Ekimae Daisan Building, a restaurant famous for their Ise lobster dishes.


【The Ise Course】¥10,800 (10% tip not included)
First, an aperitif—a plum wine with a hint of sweetness.
The Ise Lobster Salad was filled with mounds of lobster.
Their original salad dressing that perfectly matches the lobster, cooked to perfect tenderness, is incredible!
For the Ise Lobster Ikezukuri, they use fresh lobster just scooped out from the tank.


The head chef with the kindly smile masterfully fillets the fresh, thrashing lobster.
When he pulls out the clear lobster meat from the shell and rinses it with sake … the lobster meat turns slightly pink.
This step tightens up the meat and increases its sweetness as well.(*^^)v
It’s such an honor and a thrill to have someone cook just for you.

The Fried Ise Lobster Shell is another popular dish, where a paste made out of the lobster meat and pumpkin is filled back into the shell, then battered and fried.
The marriage of the natural sweetness of the pumpkin and the brine of the lobster is pretty great!


In the Ise Lobster Miso Soup, the essence of the lobster melts into the miso and deepens the flavor.
The taste of the umami, richness, and flavor lingers for a long time.

As a palate cleanser, a Sudachi (a green Japanese citrus) Sorbet.


We shared the Chunagon Grilled Ise Lobster and Stone-Grilled Japan Beef Tenderloin.
The Chunagon Grilled Ise Lobster is a gratin-style dish that uses half a lobster.
The lobster’s aroma and sweetness is further deepened!
Chunagon Grilled Ise Lobster is a gorgeous-looking dish that you can enjoy with your eyes as well as your stomach.


The Stone-Grilled Japan Beef Tenderloin is prepared at the table.
What’s amazing is that you can enjoy a premium piece of meat cooked to your exact preference.


Lastly, the Ise Lobster Nori Chazuke (hot tea over rice)
My stomach was completely satisfied since I had an entire full-course meal.
And in the end … a light, easy ochazuke … how perfectly planned is this course?


On the birthday girl’s dessert plate, a customized birthday message!
Amazing hospitality, to the very last end.(*^^)v

Next time, I’d like to come here for my wedding anniversary.(^_-)-☆



store Chunagon
tel 06-6341-5460
address 32F, Oosakaekimaedai3 Bld., Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 253m from Higashiumeda Station
opening hours 11:00~22:30
holiday Open everyday
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