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High-quality meat! Huge portions! Big bowls of beef at reasonable prices! Namba’s “DINING AJITO”

High-quality meat! Huge portions! Big bowls of beef at reasonable prices! Namba’s “DINING AJITO”

DINING AJITO in Namba is a bar & grill with a full menu of creative dishes, all of which are delicious.
You can get heaps of beef with one of their lunchtime specials and not make too big a dent in your wallet!

For lunch today, I went to a bar & grill in Namba called DINING AJITO.
Here they make a variety of creative dishes spanning Japanese and Western-style cuisine, all of which are very tasty. It’s the perfect place for someone like me who’s choosy about what drinks go well with what dishes!
I heard DINING AJITO has some great-value lunch specials, and had to go right away to see for myself!

Japan-Raised Select Charcoal-Grilled Sirloin Beef Bowl (1280yen)

Wh-what?! Such a big amount of such beautiful meat!!
Only the best sirloin, grilled to perfection, then covered in DINING AJITO’s very own sauce!
All this for only 1280yen: an amazing value!


I’ll just take a bit of this sauce-smothered beef…


So tender, so juicy, so totally GOOOOOOODD!!
You can tell how high-quality the meat is!
The golden-brown onion sauce adds a layer of sweetness, which really brings out the flavor of the beef!
Making it extra tasty is the delicious charcoal aroma which the meat still retains.
The rice is cooked to be just a bit chewy, making it the perfect complement!



One of the grill’s staff said, “Just let me know if you don’t have enough sauce.” I had plenty, but since she asked, I had her bring me some(^^
What happens when you fully cover the meat in sauce by soaking it…?


This is heaven!

Let’s see about pouring on all the sauce and making it extra juicy…


This keeps the rice going down nice(^^


The Japan-Raised Select Charcoal-Grilled Sirloin Beef Bowl, with heaping portions of high quality meat, comes with red miso soup and ginger on the side for just 1280yen!!

There’s no way you’ll leave this place unsatisfied!



There is one other kind of “beef bowl,” this one featuring skirt steak and going for 880yen. Needless to say the quality of the meat is great, and there’s even more of it than the sirloin beef bowl!
For those who like their skirt steak, there are those who say this is the better option.

Regardless the beef bowl, DINING AJITO is quite picky when it comes to choosing its ingredients. So picky, in fact, that when their meat supplier found out how they were using his beef he said, “you’re using this for lunch? What a waste!”
Though cut from the same sirloin, the meat used is only from the very center of the loin without even a slight bit from the outer edges.

With such connoisseurship, you can be sure you’ll have great meat anytime you go!


These beef bowls are really a great value, but because they’re not well-known yet, there are not a lot of people who come to eat them.
Anyone who walks by DINING AJITO, however, stops when they see this sign outside.
You’d be curious too, right?? (^^
I highly recommend either beef bowl, as well as the famous beef omelet.


tel 06-6633-0588
address 4-20, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 227m from Nankai Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 17:00~23:30
holiday Sunday
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