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Seriously delicious Japanese Black Sirloin Beef at an amazing price! At “DINING Ajito” in Namba.

Seriously delicious Japanese Black Sirloin Beef at an amazing price! At “DINING Ajito” in Namba.

You'll get delicious beef at a great value during lunch hours at the restaurant with huge lines day after day!

For lunch today, I went to a Dining Bar in Namba called “DINING Ajito”. As a person who can wait in the longest of lines for a good deal, I couldn’t believe what I got there!
They have 2 sets to choose from, the first being 900 yen and the second, 1,300 yen. The most popular set is the cheaper version but since the store only prepares 15 of them every day, they’re gone in the blink of an eye. So that’s why I went for the 1,300 yen “Japanese Black Sirloin Beef” meal. It was served gorgeously in a huge lunch box; piles of beef that had been carefully grilled to perfection!
Rumor has it that the beef supplier for the restaurant had been surprised at first, asking the owner, “You’re going to serve this beef for LUNCH?!” At any rate only beef of the highest quality is being used that this restaurant!


Pouring on a healthy dose of the included onion sauce…




Whaaaaaa! So deliciousssssss!
The beef is so delicious, you’ll be moved to tears and juicy enough to die for and the onion sauce brings out the flavor in the beef like magic!
You won’t be able to not wolf this down.

Awaji onions are hidden beneath the meat and when you eat them at the same time…


Uggghhhhh! Soooooo gooooood!
The sweetness of the onions combine with the great flavor of the beef and again, you’re hit with wonder!


Japanese Black Sirloin Beef with miso soup and sliced ginger is a steal at 1,300 yen!



Despite being a shop with an endless line that serves only 15 of the 900 yen meals every day, it’s a good idea to aim for a later time where you’ll be able to get a seat more easily. Although the set will most probably already be sold out by then, you won’t have to wait in line.
Since the same lunch sets are available on weekends as well, definitely make sure you give this delicious place a try!


store DINING Ajito
tel 06-6633-0588
address 4-20, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 227m from Nankai Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 17:00~23:30
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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