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Delicious meals and rich, matcha sweets! Grand Front Osaka “Foodie Foodie”

Delicious meals and rich, matcha sweets! Grand Front Osaka “Foodie Foodie”

If you're looking for an intensely match-flavored dessert, I highly recommend the Matcha chocolate fondant at Foodie Foodie in Grand Front Osaka!


“Foodie Foodie”, a cafe restaurant located inside Grand Front Osaka.
Hearing that they reopened on November 11, 2014, after going under renovations, I decided to go by for lunch and to check out their sweets as well.


Foodie Foodie is a cafe restaurant located at the very front area of the second floor in the south wing of the Grand Front Osaka.
It is a cafe restaurant inside Panasonic booth, where they serve meals and sweets prepared on Panasonic home electronic products.


The first thing that catches the eye inside the store is the birdcage-like “bakery house”.


Amazingly, this “bakery house” houses 40 baking machines.
Everyday between 11:30 am and 3 pm, you can enjoy freshly baked bread.
I enter the store, now intensely interested in not only the desserts, but the bread products as well.


Inside the store, which has an airy feeling and large windows, there are not only tables for two, but also a long table that would come in handy for a girls’ night out-type of situations.
What’s great about this restaurant cafe is that there is also plenty of space between the tables so you can enjoy your meal and sweets while chatting without any disturbances.


The tables also have chargers for cell phones.


This table has been outfitted to be compatible with “charge just by placing” (wireless charging) phones, so you can charge your smartphones.
It’s great that there are USB units as it makes it compatible with both Androids and iPhones.


As might be expected from a home electronics cafe, ordering is done on a tablet.


Out of the numerous choices in the menu, I chose what was most recommended by the restaurant, the Foodie set (1,000Yen, tax not included).
There are 6 entrees to choose from (Japanese hamburger steak, broiled fish with herbs and cheese panko, pork with ginger sauce, cream-stewed chicken, salad bowl with herbed chicken, vegetable-filled soup with a small side), and a choice of bread or rice (all-you-can-eat).
This time, I tried the most popular entree, the Japanese hamburger steak.


First, a smoothie and a dish of marinated fresh ham arrived.
In contrast to its appearance, this smoothie has a strong apple flavor, and is delicious and surprisingly easy to consume.
The marniade, with sour, gently-flavored carrots that complement the fresh ham, is so delicious, that it makes me want seconds.
The quality of this dish raises my expectations for the hamburger steak entree as well.


As I was enjoying my appetizer, freshly baked bread arrived.
It looked just like an ordinary slice from a loaf of bread, but I was surprised at its chewiness, which was beyond my imagination.
It has a simple flavor, like white rice, and not oppressively fragrant, so I recommend eating it with the entree.


And then the entree, the Japanese hamburger steak, arrived.
It is a pleasing dish, as the dish has not just a hamburger steak, but also a generous mound of vegetables as well.


The condensed flavor of the minced meat is phenomenal.
By eating the steak with a coat of the mixture of the demi-glace sauce and the runny poached egg that comes with the dish, the flavor of the steak is rounded out.
Sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!


It was an exceptional hamburger steak with a rich flavor that made me order seconds of the bread.
The salad, which allows you to taste the true, sweet flavor of the Japanese pumpkin, also went wonderfully well with the bread.


And finally, at last, time for the long-awaited dessert. (Dessert is served after 2 pm.)
Dessert can be chosen from the following, plus a monthly-changing dish.
・Pancakes (650Yen, tax not included)
・Cake roll (400Yen, tax not included)
・Chocolate fondant (550Yen, tax not included)
・Berry parfait (650Yen, tax not included)
・Fruit gratin (650Yen, tax not included)
・Seasonal ice cream (400Yen, tax not included)


I wanted to eat them all, but I just had lunch, so I chose the Matcha chocolate fondant (550Yen, tax not included).
The fact that it said that they are individually baked after each order, and imagining the sauce oozing out, made me decide on it.


When you cut into the crunchy-on-the-outside, moist-in-the-inside chocolate fondant, the rich matcha-aroma and the sauce ooze out.


Since its fresh out the oven, the flavor of the matcha is amazing, and the rich taste of matcha fills your mouth.
Sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!
When you have it with the vanilla ice cream, matcha milk is instantly created in your mouth.
I was impressed to the point of being moved, by this three-in-one, mini luxury of a dessert. I fully enjoyed a lovely afternoon.
It was delicious. Thank you.


Since after its renovation, Foodie Foodie is now open until 10 pm (before renovation, their closing time was 8 pm), and apparently, alcohol is also served at night.
Incidentally, the area that was previously for cooking classes is now a take-out and eat-in area where one can casually enjoy specially selected coffee or sweets that are different from the ones served at the cafe restaurant that I lunched at.
・If you want to take breaks at the Grand Front Osaka,
・if you want to eat a delicious lunch that is also nutritionally balanced,
・if you’re looking for an eat-in cafe with delicious sweets in Umeda,
then I recommend Foodie Foodie in Grand Front Osaka.


store Foodie Foodie
tel 06-6359-2955
address Grand Front Osaka South Building Panasonic Center Osaka 2F,4-20, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 152m from Osaka Station
opening hours 10:00~20:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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