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Shinsaibashi “Glorious Chain Café”

Shinsaibashi “Glorious Chain Café”

Premium Casual Diner by DIESEL First Store in Kansai!

Together with the renovation reopening of “DIESEL OSAKA”, the Italian premium-casual brand’s flagship store in Shinsaibashi, a premium casual diner run by DIESEL has opened. It’s the first store of its kind in Kansai!

“Eggs Benedict” (1230Yen)
It features a hollandaise sauce made with “Dragon’s Egg” brand eggs from Oita Prefecture.

The yolk came flowing out after I cut into the poached egg!
Eating it on a English muffin with the thick-cut homemade roast ham…


Wow, so good!!
The rich hollandaise sauce with just the right amount of acidity and savoriness is a perfect match for the crisp muffin and the ham!


“BLT Cheese burger” (1230Yen)
This is an extremely tall and imposing hamburger!
Since I won’t be able to eat it in this form, digging in with a knife and fork to make it a little easier to eat…


Wow, so good!!
The intense flavor of the very meaty patty is really wonderful!
It also matches the fragrant buns, bacon, cheese, and vegetables wonderfully. It’s really first rate!


“ALL STARS” (2880Yen)
This is a crazy meat all-star platter of leg meat steak from aged Ezo beef, fried chicken made with spice marinaded chicken wings, and three kinds of sausages.


Wow, so good!!
The steak is soft and juicy and full of flavor!
The wings are seasoned with cumin and coriander. They’re spicy and delicious!
The sausages, which are made in-store, are made with care and are unlike anything you’ve tasted before!

In addition to the spicy and tangy sauce made with red wine, vinegar, and honey, you also get a gorgonzola and yogurt sauce.


You can enjoy yet another taste by using these sauces!


“Napolitan” (680Yen)
This is the classic skillet Napolitan with half-done egg between the skillet and the Napolitan. (^^


So good!!
It’s a nostalgic taste. Lovers of Napolitan won’t be able to get enough of this!


“Cream cheese & blue berry” (870Yen)
This restaurant is known for its pancakes too!


There are blueberries inside the pancakes!


Wow, so good!!
The pancakes have a wonderful soft texture, and the cream cheese and blueberries are a perfect combo!







The menu changes slightly based on the time of day, but during lunchtime (11:00-3:00), each menu comes with a salad bar and soup bar, so it’s a great value!







The interior is clean and well decorated. You can have a relaxing time here! It’s a wonderful restaurant in a great location near Shinsaibashi Station, which will let you get your shopping done too!


store Glorious Chain Café
tel 06-6258-5344
address 3-12-9, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 149m from Shinsaibashi Station
opening hours 11:00~24:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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