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GRANKNOT coffee is a cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee with French toast!

GRANKNOT coffee is a cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee with French toast!

At GRANKNOT coffee, not only was the coffee delicious, but so was the French toast!


To those of you that want to enjoy delicious coffee and delicious sweets at the same time, GRANKNOT coffee, located at Yotsubashi (Nishi Ohashi), Osaka, is the answer to your prayers!


Just by looking at the counter, I think you get the idea of how good the coffee here is, but the sweets were actually delicious too.


French toast (500Yen).
You can have it as a combo with a drink, starting at 800Yen.


The flavor of the eggs and the sweetness of the milk burst forth every time you bite into the chewy baguette.


Goes superbly well with the slightly bitter flavor of the coffee, which I chose out of many different varieties.
Actually, I was shocked at how amazing the coffee’s after taste was, with its mild bitterness and gentle sourness.
I enjoyed some delicious coffee and French toast. ♪


GRANKNOT coffee is located near the Nishi Ohashi station (Yotsubashi Station) on the Osaka Municipal Subway line.
The inside of the store, filled with the aroma of coffee, is chic, and it has tons of attributes that make you want to stay around for a while.
It’s a recommended spot for those times when you want to relax with some French toast and delicious coffee.


store GRANKNOT coffee
tel 06-6531-6020
address 1-23-4, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 268m from Nishiōhashi Station
opening hours 8:00~18:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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