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Fluffy Omurice From Grill NamPu

Fluffy Omurice From Grill NamPu

Western-Food Restaurant with a Nostalgic Atmosphere in Business for 50 Years

The Namba area is full of popular restaurants, such as Hokyokusei, Muguni, Fukumoto, Meijiken, and Naniwa Omurice.

Out of those, “Grill Nampu”, which has been in business for 50 years, is a Western-food restaurant with a nostalgic atmosphere.
It is often featured in magazines and on TV.

The first floor is counter seating, and the second floor has tables.
The menu is full of all the classic Western-style items, including Hamburg steak, fried shrimp, steak, stew, croquette, ham cutlet, fried rice, gratin, and more…

For their omurice, you can choose between the classic chicken rice wrapped in egg, and the trendy fluffy and runny omurice.
It’s great that you can choose between chicken rice or dry curry for the fluffy and runny omurice!

Today I chose the dry curry.
The fluffy and runny omurice comes on a huge plate!
There is a rich curry sauce poured on top, and soft chunks of meat abound.
The piping hot dry curry has a huge presence, and the volume is huge, but I finished it off without ever getting bored.
It was so good! Thanks for the meal.

•Fluffy Omurice (Dry Curry) 900yen

•The Usual Lunch 750yen


store Grill NamPu
tel 06-6211-2998
address 2-7-4, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 246m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours 12:00~21:00
holiday -
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