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Tsuruhashi “Gyuichi Shinkan”

Tsuruhashi “Gyuichi Shinkan”

An extraordinary lunch of grilled Kobe beef! I was impressed with the tender, sweet, and not too heavy, super high-grade meat!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Gyuichi Shinkan”, a yakiniku (grilled meat) shop in Tsuruhashi.

I went to this restaurant’s Dotonbori location for the first time the other day, and I was impressed with the high quality of the meat and the good value.
They only purchase whole Kobe beef, Saga beef, Miyazaki beef, and A5 black cattle. Because they are particular in only purchasing whole cows, this allows customers to eat at ridiculously good prices!
I heard that the three locations in Tsuruhashi have super lunch deals, so I lost no time to go try it out!

Kobe beef lunch (¥1,800)
For a total of 200 g of super high-grade Kobe beef galbi, lean sirloin, and short ribs, along with kimchi, namul, salad, wakame (seaweed) soup, and free refills on rice, ¥1,800 is an astounding deal!
You might think that ¥1,800 sounds a little expensive, but that is only ¥900 for 100 g of meat!
Kobe beef is not cheap even if you bought it at the market or wholesale, so if you consider that this comes with extras like rice and kimchi, it is definitely an extraordinary deal!


Beautifully marbled Kobe beef, a rare treat


Lightly grilled


I’ll have galbi with some salt


Wow! Delicious!!
Tender, sweet, and juicy!
A major characteristic of Kobe beef is that the marbling is not at all oily or heavy and does not give you heartburn, so you can eat quite a lot!


I’ll have the lean sirloin dipped in sauce…


Wow! Delicious!!
There is a rich flavor to the meat, and the slightly sour and fruity sauce further brings out the meat’s flavor!


I’ll have the short ribs dipped in sauce and then put on rice!


Wow! Delicious!!
Between the meat’s sweetness and the sauce’s flavor, it becomes hard to stop eating rice. ( ^ ^




With kimchi, namul, salad, wakame soup, and free refills on rice, I’m really stuffed and satisfied!






The lunch menu also has the “A lunch” (¥1,300) with 150 g of A5-grade Japanese black cattle beef and the “B lunch” (¥1,600) with 200 g of A5-grade Japanese black cattle beef.
I’m sure that each is a great value!




Directly facing you as you leave from the west exit of JR Tsuruhashi Station, this restaurant’s eki-mae (station) location towers over you!
This restaurant is on the “Tsuruhashi Yakiniku Street” with lots of yakiniku establishments. With three locations, I think this group’s momentum is really amazing!


store Gyuichi Shinkan
tel 06-6772-9191
address 5-19, Shimoajiharacho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 93m from Tsuruhashi Station
opening hours 11:30 ~ 23:15
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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