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Japanese BBQ “Yakiniku Manno Horumon Mise Sankyubashi” at Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Japanese BBQ “Yakiniku Manno Horumon Mise Sankyubashi” at Shinsaibashi, Osaka

With our One Slice Order System you can eat your favorite cuts of meat bit by bit!

The hubbub of Yakiniku with family or good friends really is great. Around the grill, smiles come naturally.

At some fussy yakiniku restaurants, even if those rarer cuts are available, when ordering you end up floundering and almost solely eating those familiar cuts of sirloin, ribs and tongue…

With the introduction of the ‘One Slice Order System’ you can order in peace at our restaurants as our meat knowledgeable staff welcome you.

With counter side seats available yakiniku is also perfect for dates!

Today I came for the Sunday Lunch.
A nice ‘Cost Performance’ lunch has 3 choices (beefsteak, yakiniku set meal, and ham).
You can choose those in single or double sizes, and refills are available for rice and miso soup.

With our sauces: demi-glace, garlic soy sauce, grated radish, you can enjoy your dish with many flavors.

■ Beefsteak Lunch (single) 1000 Yen
Served to you sizzling on a piping hot iron plate.
Cut in with your knife to reveal the delicious red center of rare cooked beef!
The mouth-watering aroma of beef will fill the air – mmmm-mmmm!
Followed by rice it makes for a fully satisfying lunch!



■Yakiniku Set Meal 850 Yen




store Yakiniku Manno Horumon Mise Sankyubashi
tel 06-6245-3911
address 1F, BRAVISankyubashi, 3-3-1, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 358m from Shinsaibashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 (L.O.14:00) 17:30~24:00 (L.O.23:00)
holiday year end and new year
Original(Written in Japanese)



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