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Namba  “Continental cuisine Juutei”

Namba “Continental cuisine Juutei”

Established in 1968! A long-standing, orthodox, Western-style restaurant continuously transmitting unchanging flavors.

For today’s lunch, I went to the Western-style restaurant  “Continental cuisine Juutei”  in Nanba.

It wouldn’t be to much to to say this restaurant, established in 1946, represents Osaka. It is my favorite long-standing, orthodox, Western-style restaurant.

Today, I wanted to eat the restaurant’s signature dish, Hamburg steak, so I went with an old friend that has frequented this restaurant for over 25 years!

“Hamburg Steak” 1,130 Yen

It felt like the Hamburg Steak had gotten a little smaller than before, when I took a better look it was only the surface area that had gotten smaller, but since the thickness had fairly increased it certainly packed a punch!

There was a generous amount of the specially made sauce sprinkled on it, this is exactly what makes Jutei’s Hamburg Steak!.



Just lightly placing the knife on top of the Hamburg steak caused the savory juice to gush out, and when I cut it, it all flowed out like a waterfall!


Oh! Delicious!!

The meat was packed in tight, my favorite meaty texture, and the unique taste of the teriyaki flavored sauce with a ketchup and soy sauce base was also thriving!

It was a specially made sauce so full of flavor that we couldn’t put our forks down (^ ^


With the “Hamburg Steak” at 1,130 Yen, and the “Rice” at 150 Yen was 1,280 Yen, I felt really satisfied with the total coming out to only 1,280 Yen.  I don’t think it was expensive at all.


03 04

There were a large variety of menus, but this menu had all the signature dishes!

05 06

A showcase of food samples has been ensconced in such a clean state before the restaurant in a way I haven’t seen recently!

The interior of this restaurant was overflowing with a feeling of cleanliness, so I thought everything was new and recently remodeled, but according to my old friend that has been going to this restaurant for over 25 years, it has actually been just like this for as long as she has been coming here!

Not just in the cooking, the care and attention is extremely scrupulous within the entire restaurant management as well!

The warm reception of the lady who greets customers and showed us to our seats was truly exceptional!

Currently, the 3rd generation proprietor of this restaurant is protecting the flavor that has been secretly transmitted for generations and continues to be loved by many.

I will continue to frequent this amazing restaurant from now on. (^ ^



store Continental cuisine Juutei
tel 06-6641-5719
address 3-1-30, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 290m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~15:00 17:00~20:30
holiday Thursday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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