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Exquisite “Motsu-nabe” (offal hot pot stew) and tongue shabushabu from Yakiniku Yamachan.

Exquisite “Motsu-nabe” (offal hot pot stew) and tongue shabushabu from Yakiniku Yamachan.

An exquisite "motsu-nabe" that you can have at a grilled meat restaurant!

I went to have a delicious “motsu-nabe” in the midst of this busy December♪
The “motsu” made with the small intestines of carefully selected local cows is rich in collagen♪
I cannot resist the bouncy and tender texture of the thickly sliced intestines!
The sweet flavor of the fat spreads within your mouth and it also melts out of the vegetables in the pot – this is so delicious♪
These offal are so delicious that you will become addicted to them!
And on top of it, thanks to the effects of the collagen, your skin will be smooth and soft the next morning (*^^)v

One of the attractions unique to “Yakiniku Yamachan” is that you can order an additional side dish of tongue to go with your “motsu-nabe” and enjoy eating it shabushabu style☆
This tongue shabushabu, of a higher quality than your regular one, is exquisite.
You can finish off the meal adding either rice or egg noodles to the leftover soup in the pot, which is very filling and satisfying.

■ Motsu-nabe (per person) 2000 yen


■ Yamachan “horumon” (offal) shabushabu 5500 yen
Bean sprout namul
Assortment of kimchi
Cheek meat
Leg meat
Small intestines and other offal
“Shime” noodles to finish the meal


store Yamachan
tel 06-6341-8929
address 4F, Oomasa Bld., 1-9-12, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 205m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours Mon.-Fri. 18:00~3:00, Sat.and National holidays 18:00~24:00
holiday Sundays and irregular National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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