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Oden Hanakujira Kita branch

Oden Hanakujira Kita branch

Ultra-popular restaurant with constant lines!

There are always lines to get a seat at one of the three Hanakujira branches in Fukushima.
Since this time I went at an early hour, I was able to snag a seat with smooth and timely assistance.

Because you sit in the packed counter seats, you naturally develop a sense of camaraderie with the other customers.
You always get excellent cost performance from old school vendor-style oden ~ ♪
You can enjoy a variety of classic items like potatoes, radish, and konjac, as well as try their unique innovative oden, so you will never run out of choices ~ (^ _-) – ☆

Hanakujira, the whale dish which the restaurant is named after, is also featured on the menu.


■ Negibukuro
Contains plenty of green onion inside of a large fried tofu pouch.
Full of oden soup, it oozes with deliciousness ♪
The crunchiness of green onion is also what makes it so good ~ ♪


■ Beef tendon
Two skewers per serving. The slowly braised beef tendon is so tender, creamy, and yummy ☆ 彡


■ Radish
An enormous piece of radish that has been infused with flavor.
You will regret if you do not eat this very popular dish (^ _ ^;)

■ Eggs
I love oden eggs.
I enjoy the eye-watering effect of eating it with plenty of mustard squeezed on top.


■Saezuri (whale tongue)
We stew whale tongue for hours until it becomes exquisitely tender.
The rich and deep flavors of saezuri go great with sake ♪

“Obake” is whale skin tossed in sumiso (vinegar & miso).
There’s no fishy smell at all, and the unique texture of it melting in your mouth is yummy ☆ 彡



store Hanakujira North Branch
tel 06-6453-3758
address 6-20-6, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 465m from Fukushima Station
opening hours 16:30~23:30
holiday Open everyday (Kita branch will be closed for the month on August)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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