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Egokoro : You can taste authentic champon noodles in Namba!

Egokoro : You can taste authentic champon noodles in Namba!

Enjoy white champon or red champon at “Egokoro”, on the Western side of Nankai Namba train station.

“White champon” is a flavorful hot water broth (made with pork bones, chicken bones, chicken skin) which is full of stirfried ingredients: pork, seafood (squid and prawn), vegetables, wood ear fungus and kamaboko.
If you break a raw egg into it, it adds a mildness to it.
Extra-thick champon noodles are mixed well into the tender soup, making it delicious and nutritious!
If you have some soup left over, and you add some white rice to it in order to give it a porridge-like consistency, then you can finish the whole thing up without any waste!

Red champon is a hot water broth soup which is spicy and packs a punch, with the additions of Doubanjiang paste and oyster sauce.

It’s very tasty when you put white rice in at the end, but also delicious with fried rice!

■ White champon set meal 840 yen
* With rice


■ Red champon set 1050 yen
* With fried rice





store Egokoro
tel 06-6646-3796
address Shimizu Building 1F, 3-3-10, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 255m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.]11:30~15:30 , 18:00~Around 21:00 [Sun.]11:30~15:30
holiday Saturday and National holidays
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