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The tea by MLESNA TEA

The tea by MLESNA TEA

No doubt you'll be awakened to a new flavored tea that you've never had before.

The quality of the “MLESNA” black tea from Sri Lanka is high and it has a rich natural aroma.
You may even get excited just by looking at the bright red MLESNA cans lined up on the shelf, or the florid cube shaped boxes (-^〇^-)

The first small cup of BLUE BEEDRO is free of charge ♪
The service is wonderful; you can tell them what you like from among several dozen flavors, smell the tea leaves, and the staff will even recommend drinking and preparation methods ♪
They usually have over 50 types of tea, and you can enjoy your tea hot, iced, mixed with soda water, and more.
I requested “something not sweet,” so we decided on the melon and lemon scented “night at the opera house!”
It was blended with Earl Grey and had a fresh aroma (*^^)v
It had no bitterness or astringency, and was incredibly tasty~

No doubt you’ll be awakened to a new flavored tea that you’ve never had before.
You can also buy your favorite teas and enjoy them at home (^。^)y-.。o○

■ Ice Continental Royal milk tea 1200 Yen






store The tea by MLESNA TEA
tel 06-6343-0220
address HERBIS PLAZA B1F, 2-5-25, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 211m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 11:00~20:00
holiday Same holiday as HERBIS PLAZA
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