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Izakaya Fukamoto

Izakaya Fukamoto

A cozy izakaya (drinking bar), where businessmen gather, on their way home from work.

Head to Umeda after a long day of work.
Izakaya Fukamoto is a cozy izakaya where businessmen gather, on their way home from work.

Reasonable prices, with draft beer for 250 yen (excluding tax), are something to write home about!
Also, the “Otsukaresama Set”, which is very good value for money, includes a small appetizer, sashimi, fried horse mackerel, edamame (green soybeans) and one drink.
We’re confident that you’ll find the Otsukaresama Set makes you feel much better!

■ Otsukaresama Set (includes one drink) 1200 yen
– Small appetizer
– Two types of sashimi
– Edamame
– Fried horse mackerel
– Draft beer
– Chu-hi (shochu cocktail)
– 1 measure (180ml) of sake
– Whiskey highball (S size)
– Oolong tea
– Shochu
– Glass of wine (red / white)



store Izakaya Fukamoto
tel 06-6312-3192
address Whity Umeda B1F North Mall , Umedachikagai 2-8, Kakudacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
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transport 170m from Umeda Station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 11:00~22:30 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 10:00~22:30
holiday Third Thursday of every odd month and New Year's Day
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A housewife who, more than shopping or anything, loves to try out foods. Especially likes "local foods", vegetables and delicacies. Drinks shochu on the rocks, and likes dry sake and full-bodied wine. Has many food-related qualifications such as: Vegetable Sommelier, Food Analyst, Food Life Advisor, Cooking Certificate, Japan Chopsticks Education Instructor, Oyster Meister.