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Delicious Italian confectionery at ALLEGRO DOLCE in the Umeda Hanshin department store.

Delicious Italian confectionery at ALLEGRO DOLCE in the Umeda Hanshin department store.

On February 2015, the second shop of ALLEGRO DOLCE was opened in the Umeda Hanshin department store on B1F!

When talking about “ALLEGRO”, it’s about the delicacy that is the pizza of chef Hayashi, which placed 6th globally at the Neapolitan pizza craftsmen world championships held in Naples.

ALLEGRO Umeda Store

Since chef Hayashi was originally a pastry chef, he is now debuting the authentic Italian Dolce!

The show case has attractive fresh cakes and pastries lined up.
You’ll be lured in by the fresh cakes and the pastries~ *\(^o^)/*


■ Quattro Formaggi 362Yen
A rich cheesecake using the four finest cheeses. ☆


■ Specialty Naples confectionery Baba 352Yen
As it is something you might have eaten at an Italian restaurant, the fact that the traditional confectionery of Southern Italy from Naples called “Baba” can be bought at the department store is shocking!
Its lingering taste just keeps spreading in your mouth forever.


■ Tiramisu 371Yen
When you’re talking about the representative of Italian Dolce, you’re talking about espresso bean-coated “Tiramisu”。
Smooth and full-bodied, the mascarpone and espresso “Tiramisu” is a delicacy!


■ Fragola 408Yen


■ Torta caprese 278Yen



tel 06-6348-8790
address Umeda Hanshin department store B1F, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 49m from Umeda Station (Hanshin)
opening hours 10:00~21:00
holiday Open everyday
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