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Big rice bowls and delicious udon!

Inside the store is a long counter with seats all lined up.
During lunchtime on Saturdays, these seats are filled up with lots of customers!

Including katsudon (rice bowl topped with deep-fried pork and eggs), they have a large variety of big rice bowls available.

Their udon is made with a blend of various domestic wheats and had a springiness to it.
Personally, it was my ideal noodles and it was delicious. ♪
I found myself wanting to eat both cold and hot noodles~ *\(^o^)/*

■ Niku & Yasai Ten no Oroshi Bukkake Udon (Cold udon served with broth poured over it, topped with meat and vegetable tempura) ¥780


■ Katsudon ¥730
■ Kitsune Udon (Mini) (Udon served with hot soup, topped with thinly-sliced fried tofu) ¥230



store Komugiya
tel 06-6451-7800
address 6-8-21, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 280m from Fukushima Station
opening hours 10:55~15:00
holiday Sunday and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



A housewife who, more than shopping or anything, loves to try out foods. Especially likes "local foods", vegetables and delicacies. Drinks shochu on the rocks, and likes dry sake and full-bodied wine. Has many food-related qualifications such as: Vegetable Sommelier, Food Analyst, Food Life Advisor, Cooking Certificate, Japan Chopsticks Education Instructor, Oyster Meister.