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Genmian Shinsaibashi Store

Genmian Shinsaibashi Store

Healthy Set Meals Created By Nutritionists And Vegetable Sommeliers

Their daily special set utilizes seasonal ingredients and is around 600kcal.
I came here at dinner time with the goal of trying their “39-Item Healthy Set Meal”, in mind. This set meal was created by nutritionists and vegetable sommeliers, and consists of plenty of nutrition and seasonal vegetables.
Each dish features a detailed scheme, and the number of dishes is surprisingly abundant for 1,080 yen!! It even comes with soy milk pudding!
It features some strong flavors, so I think that even those who usually like large portions will be pleased.
The brown rice has such a springy texture!
I can feel the good taste as I chew it well.
They carefully calculate it to be around 600kcal, so it is also perfect for nutrition-minded people.

-39-Item Healthy Set Meal: 1,080 yen



store Genmian Shinsaibashi Store
tel 06-6258-5515
address Fukuda Building 1F, 1-3-1, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 174m from Shinsaibashi Station
opening hours 11:30~22:00
holiday Monday
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A housewife who, more than shopping or anything, loves to try out foods. Especially likes "local foods", vegetables and delicacies. Drinks shochu on the rocks, and likes dry sake and full-bodied wine. Has many food-related qualifications such as: Vegetable Sommelier, Food Analyst, Food Life Advisor, Cooking Certificate, Japan Chopsticks Education Instructor, Oyster Meister.