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Ichibazushi Ohatsutenjin Store

Ichibazushi Ohatsutenjin Store

Reasonably-priced Sushi Made by a Professional Sushi Craftsman

You can find “Ichibazushi” all over Osaka City and all of their stores are always thriving with customers.
There are lots of times I just drop into their store when I find myself suddenly craving sushi. (*^^)v

This time, I went to “Ichibazushi Ohatsutenjin Store” .
Sit at the counter and have a professional sushi craftsman make some sushi for you. It’s especially cheap at “¥200 per plate (2 pieces).”

They have lots of choices of sushi toppings in season which is also great!
I’m hungry, so for now, I ordered their Nigiri Moriawase (Hand-pressed Sushi Platter)!
Nigiri Moriawase (Special) ¥1680

The special platter consists of Awabi (abalone), Toro (fatty tuna), Uni (sea urchin), Kazunoko (herring roe), Aburi Anago (partly grilled conger eel), Tai (red snapper), Ebi (shrimp), and Ika (squid). That’s eight pieces for ¥1680.


Every time I visit, I’m still taken by this shop’s appeal, which is getting to taste the deliciousness of the seasons for a cheap price. ☆
Eating all we want of each topping we like, the total bill for two of us was ¥7000. (*^^)v
I left the shop feeling a different kind of satisfaction from what I get with conveyor belt sushi!



store Ichibazushi Ohatsutenjin Store
tel 06-6364-9040
address 2-13-21, Sonezaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 69m from Higashi-Umeda Station
opening hours 12:00〜29:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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