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Okonomiyaki Nanatsu no Kabe

Okonomiyaki Nanatsu no Kabe

A menu filled with various gourmet okonomiyaki choices!

This store is located very near the third exit of the “Abiko Station” on the Midosuji Subway Line.
They have a menu filled with various gourmet okonomiyaki choices. Their “Ultimate Butatama (Classic Pork Okonomiyaki)” and “Ultimate Ikatama (Squid Okonomiyaki)” are especially popular!!
You can have your okonomiyaki cooked skillfully on an iron plate right before you.

■ Ultimate Butatama ¥820
First are two slices of pork Boston butt meat. On top of that, pork belly meat arranged into a round, flower-like shape is laid down on top of the batter. The sweetness of the pork fat oozes out generously, the outside is crispy and savory, and on the inside, you can taste the juicy, delicious flavor of the pork Boston butt.
You can enjoy even just the appearance of this splendid Butatama. It was very delicious!!!
This is a must-eat item.




■ Mix Yakisoba: ¥890
The aroma of the sauce is very appetizing.
I was happy to see some octopus mixed in with its many ingredients. ♪


■ Tonpei Yaki (Japanese Omelet with Pork): ¥420
Creamy pork stew cooked tender, wrapped in egg, and fried fluffy. ♪





store Nanatsu no Kabe
tel 06-6697-8540
address 7-12-19, Karita, Sumiyoshi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 98m from Abiko Station
opening hours [Mon.-Sat.] 11:30~23:00 [Sun. and National holidays] 11:30~22:30 [Thu.] 17:00~23:00 (New Year's season, Setsubun, Obon holidays will be the usual opening time)
holiday 1/1
Original(Written in Japanese)



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