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A sashimi and sushi restaurant Daiki Suisan

A sashimi and sushi restaurant Daiki Suisan

A specialty! An assorted plate of Pacific bluefin tuna sashimi

Daiki Suisan is a restaurant where customers could eat seafoods centered around fresh fish directly imported from fishing ports all around the nation.
An assorted plate of Pacific bluefin tuna sashimi, an assorted plate of nigiri, beef cheek steak, and grills are some examples of rare parts that can be eaten at our restaurants for an affordable price!

“The Live Bluefine Tuna Dissecting Show Event!!” is also extremely popular!!
I visited the “A Sushi and Sashimi Restaurant Daiki-Suisan” located on the first floor of the main building of Namba City!
Inside the store is a casual atmosphere. Because there are both counter seats and table seats, you can either dine there alone or in a group.

•Specialty! An assorted plate of Pacific bluefin tuna sashimi: 1,580 yen
A luxurious assortment where you can enjoy “fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, high-grade red-flesh meat” all at once.
You enjoy the fatty tuna marbled with so much fat that it repels the soy sauce by putting on a large amount of hon-wasabi!
The sweetness that spreads all through your mouth is a taste you can only get from Pacific bluefin tuna.


•Today’s assorted plate of superfine nigiri: 1,280 yen
A popular assorted plate with an affordable price! The superfine nigiri (8 pieces) are all using popular, high-grade fish, so you are guaranteed to be satisfied!


•Uzaku (Eel and cucumber salad dressed in sake, soy and vinegar): 480 yen
“Uzaku” is said to relieve heat exhaustion. A perfect sour taste that is not too sour– it is extremely tasty!


•A Japanese sake drinking comparison set: 500 yen
You can drink and compare ginjo, junmai, and pure brew sake, so it is surprising that you can pay for this set with one coin (a 500 yen coin).





store Daiki Suisan
tel 06-6644-2738
address Namba City main building 1F, 5-1-60, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 73m from Namba Station (Nanhai)
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Same as Namba City
Original(Written in Japanese)



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