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Lotus Moon

Lotus Moon

I tried Lotus Moon's special course!

I tried the delicious Chinese course at “Lotus Moon”, which is located on the restaurant floor (8F) of Keihan City Mall! The mall is directly connected to Temmabashi Station which can be accessed via Keihan Railway lines or the Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line.

Inside the restaurant it is spacious and there are 110 seats.
There are many individual rooms which could be used for parties or if you come with your family!

At this restaurant you can eat not only Cantonese cuisine but also all Four Major Cuisines of China: Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Guangdong cuisine.
Lotus Moon Special Course: ¥5,400
*Specialty shark fin sashimi
*Chinese style salmon carpaccio
I could not get enough of the texture of the delicate fibers of the top quality shark fin sashimi from Kessennuma in Miyagi Prefecture.
The shark fin contains plenty of collagen which should have an anti-aging effect.


*Steamed soup with beef cheek
The soup, with its soft, tender cheek meat, also contains mushrooms and plenty of other ingredients!
The beef soup has a rich, refreshing taste.


*Specialty squid tempura
The signature dish of the restaurant since it opened, squid tempura is a specialty of the restaurant and the texture of the bigfin reef squid is fantastic!
The simple seasoning which serves to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients themselves is also exquisite.

*Peking duct
The crispy, aromatic skin of the Peking duck is faintly translucent.
Wrap up some cucumber and leek in the pancake and eat it with the homemade miso sauce!


*Steamed freshwater prawn with orange sauce
One could be forgiven for thinking this is Italian cuisine! I was entranced by the clever arrangement of the food.


*Abalone cooked in shang tang soup with caviar
The abalone, cooked in the strong umami flavors of the shang tang soup, is crisp but soft. The delicious aftertaste will not leave your mouth.


*Rice wrapped in lotus leaf
The aroma of the lotus is simply amazing! The rice is sticky and this is a dish which I think everybody—young or old, boy or girl—would love!

*Assortment of three desserts
To finish off the course, I had the sesame dumpling. It will definitely make you want seconds.




store Lotus Moon
tel 06-4790-2555
address Keihan City Mall 8F, 1-1, Tenmabashikyomachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 125m from Tenmabashi Station
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Same as Keihan City Mall
Original(Written in Japanese)



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