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Oimatsu LUCUA1100 Store

Oimatsu LUCUA1100 Store

A 100-year old specialty store for Japanese desserts

Perishable desserts from “Oimatsu”, a Kyoto dessert specialty store founded in 1908, are now available in Osaka!

■Matsukaze: ¥1,728
A baked dessert with syrup-preserved peaches, Matsukaze, is a perfect snack for adults!
The baked cake-like dessert is made with plenty of eggs. The secret ingredient, White Miso, nicely accents the cake, giving it a moist texture and rich flavor, like an elegant castella cake.
It pairs well with Japanese green tea, but also coffee and English tea as well!
It is a perfect accompaniment for an extraordinary tea time ♪


■Natsu Kantou
A popular item that sells out by noon! “Natsu Kantou” is sold in individual packages.
Natsu Mikan is an indigenous citrus of Japan. While many of us still remember eating them often in our childhood, the number of growers has dramatically decreased in recent years, making it hard to come by.
This dessert generously uses a whole Natsu Mikan, removing the flesh of the fruit, cooking it with sugar and agar, and using the skin of Natsu Mikan itself as a bowl to chill the mixture.
The natural sweetness and fresh acidity of Natsu Mikan is exquisite!
Its smooth texture and the slight bitter aftertaste are sure to leave you wanting more ♪



store Oimatsu LUCUA1100 Store
tel 06-6457-1111
address Isetan Food Hall, LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 151m from Osaka Station
opening hours 10:00~20:30
holiday Same as LUCUA1100
Original(Written in Japanese)



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