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Maze-soba Ramen from Arashi Naniwa

Maze-soba Ramen from Arashi Naniwa

“Arashi”, the popular maze-soba ramen joint from Nagoya opens it's first Kansai location!

The popular, soup-less ramen from Nagoya has become available in many spots in Osaka, too!
This maze-soba has spicy minced meat, garlic chives, thick noodles, and really packs a punch! There’s plenty of garlic. There’s no doubt you’ll get hooked on its rich and deep flavor!

■Taiwan-Style Maze-Soba: ¥800
– Chased with a free serving of rice
Nagoya’s popular “Taiwan-Style Maze-Soba” is topped with minced pork, chili pepper, sauteed miso meat sauce, egg yolk, white onion, garlic chives, shredded nori, fish cakes and garlic.
Once you’ve mixed everything until its well incorporated with the noodles, its fun to chase it with a serving of “oimeshi” rice added in.
I enjoyed every delicious bite, right to the end.







store Arashi
tel 06-6213-3688
address Clair Higashishinsaibashi 1F, 2-1-18, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 367m from Nagahoribashi
opening hours 18:00~30:00
holiday Sundays
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