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“Yushin”, an udon shop that’s good for the body.

“Yushin”, an udon shop that’s good for the body.

A seven-vegetable curry udon, as crafted by a vegetable sommelier.

“Yushin” is restaurant that has always caught my eye.

This spot is famous for its handmade udon noodles, made by the restaurant owner/vegetable extraordinaire, and for the fact that everything on the menu comes with a free, unlimited salad appetizer made with organic vegetables♪

The udon is made with the currently very popular “jukuseimen” aged noodles. It’s made with 4 different types of domestically grown wheat, and really goes well with the less-salty soup broth.♪

The menu has a lot of original dishes you can’t find anywhere else!
It’s popular among female patrons since it’s made with ingredients that are good for the body, like handmade tofu and enzyme juices.
With the unlimited salad you can eat plenty of vegetables, and the handmade dressing is delicious.
One particular one you should try is the “Homemade, original miso mayonnaise”, which goes great on salads and on top of your udon, too.

■ 7-Vegetable Curry Udon: ¥950



■ Stamina Udon: ¥1,100


■Lunch Set: ¥980



store Yushin
tel 06-6719-8766
address 5-13-29, Kumata, Higashisumiyoshi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 617m from the Higashi ichibamae Station
opening hours [Mon.-Thu.] 11:30~14:30 [Fri.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:30~14:30 , 17:30~20:00
holiday Tuesdays
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