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Ketobashiya Champion Tenma Store

Ketobashiya Champion Tenma Store

This is the place to come to try a range of horsemeat dishes, from rare cuts of 'basashi' (raw horsemeat), to grilled horsemeat, and even their own signature horsemeat dishes!

I’d wanted to come to this specialist horsemeat restaurant, ‘Ketobashiya Champion’, for a long time, and I finally got the chance when a friend ask me to come along with them.

The first store is in Fukushima in Osaka city, but they’ve now expanded to Tenma and Sakahigashi in Osaka, and outside of the city into Nagoya prefecture, San-nomiya in Hyōgo prefecture and Sangen-jaya in Tokyo.

Since my parents are from Kumamoto prefecture, I have been eating raw horsemeat since I was a child, but it was a happy surprise to come across somewhere where I could eat it so easily in Osaka.

They sell a range of dishes from rare cuts of raw horsemeat, to grilled horsemeat and their own signature horsemeat dishes.

But it’s not only horsemeat on offer here – the organic vegetables capture the essence of freshness. The organic vegetable salad is so good I ordered a second helping!
Horsemeat is low in fat and calories, and high in protein and minerals – could be the new health food, or food for those who want to stay beautiful!

■ ‘Bashimi’ (raw horsemeat) platter (serves 2 people) – ¥1780

■ Grilled horsemeat selection (serves 3-4 people) – ¥3980
■ Sakura ‘menchikatsu’ (mince cutlet) – ¥250

■ Daily organic vegetables – ¥500

■ Ninja tomato – ¥380

■ ‘Iga’ brown rice (champion) – ¥250
Lightly scorched horse meat on a bed of brown rice. This is soo good! I can’t help but eat too much!!

■ Grilled meat platter (serves 2 people) – ¥2980

■ Raw liver – ¥680
■ Seasoned raw beef topped with egg yolk – ¥680

■ Raw heart – ¥500
■ Seasoned raw heart topped with egg yolk – ¥600
■ Horsemeat simmered in wine – ¥550
■ Roast horsemeat – ¥680
■ Horsemeat fried with garlic – ¥550
■ Fried horsemeat with onion – ¥1200
■ Champion steak – ¥1800

■ Crunchy beansprouts – ¥220
■ Kimchi – ¥300

■ Grilled vegetable platter – ¥550
■ Seasonal pickled vegetables platter – ¥450

■ Horsemeat rice ball


store Ketobashiya Champion Tenma Store
tel 06-6881-2328
address 3-2-16, Temma, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 232m from Tenma Station
opening hours 17:00~24:00
holiday Open everyday
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