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Breakfast pancakes at La Terrasse Cafe et dessert.

Breakfast pancakes at La Terrasse Cafe et dessert.

I'm gracefully enjoying breakfast pancakes while looking at the waterfall-stairs in the 1st lower ground floor of Grand Front Osaka.

01I checked Grand Front Osaka out since it opened, but this is my first visit to La Terrasse Cafe et dessert, because I couldn’t come here before.

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They have many kinds of pancakes on the menu, but only french pancakes for breakfast.
You can chose between regular (2 pancakes:1050Yen) and half-size (one pancake: 600Yen).
This time I wanted to eat a lot, so I ordered the regular size.


For an additional 150Yen, I got a hot coffee as well.


– Breakfast pancake (regular: 1050Yen)
Orange-flavored Appaleil (a liquid dough) was added to the original pancakes, which have been baked like french toast.


By the way, the topping consists of maple syrup and mascarpone cheese with blueberry sauce.


The soft pancakes are full of a sweet egg-taste.
The orange flavor’s fresh smell echoes in the aftertaste.

If you add the maple syrup it gets even sweeter, so I recommend this choice to those who like it sweet.


If you use mascarpone cheese as a topping, you’ll be able to enjoy a mild taste.
I’m really happy that I can enjoy a real pancake in the morning in Umeda!
– Those who love it sweet
– Those who like french toast
– Those who like orange-flavored sweets
If one of the above describes you, I recommend these breakfast pancakes to you.


Other than pancakes, this café offers foods eggs Benedict, pasta, many kinds of sweets and is a recommendation for lunch or a quick tea.
It was a store where you know that it is popular, even in the pancake battleground of Grand Front Osaka.
If you want to eat pancakes in the morning in Osaka-Umeda, check this place out!



store La Terrasse Cafe et dessert
tel 06-6485-7788
address Guranfurontooosaka, 4-1, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport JR Osaka Station 1-minute walk
opening hours 10:00~22:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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