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Namba “Chikuchikuya Namba Branch”

Namba “Chikuchikuya Namba Branch”

A extravagant lunch with a huge selection of dishes that offer greater satisfaction than you could wish for!

Today’s lunch was in an izakaya in Namba
I visited “Chikuchikuya Namba Branch.”
Each time I’ve taken a look at the lunch menu in front of the entrance, I’ve noticed dishes that I could describe as more than appealing. I’ve really been wanting to try them out, so I decided to visit the restaurant!


“Jussaizen” (Y1280)
The Jussaizen, with its rice, miso soup, and side dishes all lined up, offers an amazing amount of food!





It tastes grrrrrrreat!!
The piping hot tempura, fresh from the kitchen, is covered in a light batter that tastes just great!

Chawan mushi…


It tastes grrrrrrreat!!
The fine flavored stock really makes a difference. Together with the plentiful ingredients, it makes for a scrumptious dish!



All the side dishes…


They all taste grrrrrrreat!!
Each dish has been carefully seasoned and is seriously delicious!



“Dessert Set” (Y300 Free of charge with reservations made on weekdays)
This dessert set usually costs Y300, but if you make a booking and order the Jussaizen on weekdays, you can enjoy it without paying a cent!

Please make sure to tell the staff what you’re planning to order when you make your booking!



After removing your shoes and stepping up into the restaurant, you’ll discover spacious counter seating and an interior that’s comfortable to relax in.

I hear that the dinner menu also offers good value dishes and drinks, so I’m planning on visiting for dinner too!


store Chikuchikuya Namba Branch
tel 06-6649-1197
address 3-7-11, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 207m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30,17:00~23:00
holiday Open every day
Original(Written in Japanese)



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