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Serious Spicy Curry! “Cafe&Bar Warung”, Kitahorie, Nishi Ward

Serious Spicy Curry! “Cafe&Bar Warung”, Kitahorie, Nishi Ward

An Unimaginably Good Spicy Curry in a Fancy Café!

For today’s lunch I went to the café “Cafe&Bar Warung” in Kitahorie, Nishi Ward. I’ve been wanting to try their “Tsukinowa Curry” for a long time!
They have a few different kinds of curry available, but I had the “Rich and Savory Oxtail Curry” (¥1100) from the “Weekend Special” together with the “Pork Keema Curry Topping” (¥200), and “Spice Level 5 (Purgatory)” (¥150)!
The curry is really substantial and it looks like its going to overflow from its large plate!


First I’m trying the Pork Keema Curry…


Wow, so good!!
The complex spices are exhilarating, and really bring out the taste of the meat to the maximum level. It’s a wonderful taste!
Wow, I’m really surprised!


Trying the Rich and Savory Oxtail Curry mixed with the Pork Keema Curry…


Wow, so good!!
It’s too good!!
Even though the Pork Keema by itself is good, mixing it with the concentrated extreme deep savoriness of the curry brings its taste to another dimension!
The spiciness of “Spice Level 5” is made by mixing various spices, so it’s not simply spicy and really lets you enjoy a complex spiciness!


A giant oxtail on the bone is on the plate!


The oxtail meat is so soft that it comes right off the bone…


Wow, so good!!


The “Rich and Savory Oxtail Curry” (¥1100), “Pork Keema Curry Topping” (¥200), “Spice Level 5 (Purgatory)” (¥150), and the salad, papadum, and pickles that come with the meals all together came to only ¥1450!
This curry is super satisfying and I’m completely crazy about it now!



I want to try all the different kinds of curry now. (^^



Who would have thought that you could have such a serious spicy curry in such a fancy looking café?
It’s located at the middle point between Nishiohashi and Nishi-Nagahori stations on the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Subway Line. I get the feeling I’ll be going there all the time from now on. (^^


store Cafe&Bar Warung
tel 06-6616-9712
address 1F, LABO LIFE BLD., 3-4-17, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 272m from Nishinagahori Station
opening hours 11:30~1700,18:00~2:00
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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