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Authentic Thai cuisine at “mango tree Osaka“, GRAND FRONT OSAKA

Authentic Thai cuisine at “mango tree Osaka“, GRAND FRONT OSAKA

Their lunch of authentic Thai cuisine, with buffet included, is highly satisfying!

Today I went to have lunch at “mango tree Osaka“, a Thai restaurant located on the 8th floor of the Southern building of GRAND FRONT OSAKA.
This is a restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine, and is one of the only 5 restaurants in Japan that have the most honorable title of “Thai Select Premium,” which is certified by the Thai government!
For today’s lunch time they had prepared an amazing value lunch including a main dish and all-you-can-eat buffet.
The price changes depending on the main dish that you choose, but today I had the most reasonably priced one, the “daily kapao” (1880 yen.)
Besides the main dish, you can eat all you want from their buffet!


The main dish of “daily kapao” was a stir fry of ground pork and broccoli that was already voluminous and filling enough!


Ah, this is it! This flavor!
The flavor and spices stir your appetite so you will not be able to stop eating once you start!


I placed some on top of the rice to eat them together…


Oh wow! Delicious!!
I just cannot resist this!


I also brought these from the various types of Thai dishes that were lined up at the buffet(^^


Savory, hot, sour, spicy,… here you can enjoy all the delicious elements!



You are supposed to make your own “Raw Spring Rolls” soaking the wrapper in hot water, placing shrimp, chicken, and vegetables on top of it, and rolling it!


The wrapper is very thin, it stretches, and it is soft to the bite, matching the ingredients amazingly!



This is “Thai suki,” a type of Thai hot pot.


The broth gives full-body flavor to the soup, and is very tasty!
The “Thai curry soup” matches white rice outstandingly!


I had coconut milk with tapioca for dessert!


I was really full and very satisfied!!







All their dishes are really attractive, and they include various appetizers, salads, soups, noodles, hot pots and desserts!



For the main dish that you can choose, they have a total of 7 different types.



Their front wall is made of glass, so the place looks trendy and very spacious!
This restaurant is so popular that it becomes full in the blink of an eye during lunch time with customers who have made reservations in advance!
I highly recommend this restaurant when you want to eat authentic and delicious Thai food until you are completely full!


store mango tree Osaka
tel 06-6485-7325
address South building 8F, Grand front Osaka, 4-20, Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 436m from Nishi-Umeda Station
opening hours 11:00~15:30 , 17:00~23:00
holiday Same holidays as Grand front Osaka
Original(Written in Japanese)



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