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Namba “brasserie boo jr. Nan Nan Town Store”

Namba “brasserie boo jr. Nan Nan Town Store”

Have juicy and unique tandoori chicken here.

For today’s lunch I went to a restaurant in Namba’s Nan Nan Town, ”brasserie boo jr. Nan Nan Town Store” that offers natural wine and tandoori chicken.
Its specialty is the tandoori chicken that is roasted at 350℃ in a steam oven instead of a tandoor!

“Tandoori Chicken Special Lunch” (1380 yen)
A generous meal with a large piece of tandoori chicken, fried salmon, fried shrimp, steamed vegetables and salad!


I’ve never had such a large and thick piece of tandoori chicken before!


I cut in with my knife and…

(゚Д゚)Yummy! (゚Д゚) Yummy!

Wooooow, it’s so good!!
The firm-textured and very soft meat is surprisingly juicy and the tasty spices are wonderful!
This tandoori chicken is nothing like the ones I’ve been eating until now!


Natural Red Wine
This red wine goes very well with the tandoori chicken, and you can drink a glass from 300 yen.


Huge fried salmon and fried shrimp!



(゚Д゚)Yummy! (゚Д゚) Yummy!

So good!!
The batter is crispy and goes perfectly with tartar sauce!


Natural White Wine
I had a 600 yen glass, but its taste was very refined and top-class!





It’s delightful that you can have the lunch menu until 17:00!
The night time a la carte dishes are also reasonable and appealing!


The shops inside Nan Nan Town are very convenient!
When you want delicious tandoori chicken and natural wine, I recommend this restaurant!


store brasserie boo jr. Nan Nan Town Store
tel 06-6641-1159
address Nan Nan Town7, 5, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 183m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours 11:00~22:00
holiday Same holidays as Nan Nan Town
Original(Written in Japanese)



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