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Nishinari District “Haginochaya Tsuruichi Naniwasuji Branch”

Nishinari District “Haginochaya Tsuruichi Naniwasuji Branch”

This is a restaurant that serves extremely high quality meats at shockingly low prices to the few customers lucky enough to know about it!

I had dinner at “Haginochaya Tsuruichi Naniwasuji Branch”, a Korean barbecue restaurant in the Nishinari district.

Nishinari is known for being a battleground for its many barbecue restaurants in which eaters can enjoy high quality meat for reasonable prices. But even in that environment, this restaurant is famous for cost performance that stands out among the rest in a really good way!

And today, I joined some of the shop’s regulars, and experienced some of that delightful meat for the first time.

I ordered meat and several dishes à la cart, but I left the portions up to the owner, so I am not sure how many people the dishes in the pictures are meant to serve. Here is the price for a plate for one.
“Beef Tongue Sashimi” – 1,100 Yen, “Raw Beef Omasum – 600 Yen
You can tell how fresh it is just by looking at it!


Why don’t I just try some of this marbled beef tongue sashimi…


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The great flavor of the tongue itself is very rich, and I can’t get enough of the sweetness that fills your mouth the more you chew on it!
I was instantly impressed with how great this meat was!


Raw Beef Omasum


So good!
The texture was really good, and the Korean pepper vinegar miso sauce was sweet, spicy, and delicious!


Draft Beer



“Grade A Tongue(Salted)”
(Serving for one – 1,100 Yen)
The root of the tongue was deliciously marbled and cut very thick!


Grill it just a little bit…


and eat it with a spritz of lemon juice…


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
With each chew, juices bursting with flavor spill out of the refreshingly textured meat!


(Serving for one – 1,000 Yen)
This was also a deliciously intense meat!


Bite into the meat surrounding the bone, and…


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The meat comes right off the bone, and has great texture. I have never had grilled oxtail this good before!


Haginotsuyu (sake)


This restaurant is also famous for its incredibly wide selection of sake!


“Jeon” (400 Yen)
The leaves of sesame, chrysanthemum, and several others are sandwiched together in this dish!


Isn’t this batter just light, chewy, and oh, so delicious!?
It’s great that even the side menu is of superior quality!


“Fatty Pork”
The marbled fatty pork has been slathered with yuzu pepper paste!



The meat is overflowing with delicious juices!


「Grade A Organ Meat(Salted)」
(Serving for one – 1,100 Yen)



Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The organ meat itself has a wonderfully rich flavor!


Gokyo Five (sake)



“Grade A Organ Meat”
(Serving for one – 1,100 Yen)


Dip it in the sauce, and…


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The unique flavors and sweetness of the organ meat really stand out!


“Fatty Cow Intestines(with sauce)”
(Serving for one – 800 Yen)


Grill it on the charcoal, and…


Dip it into the sauce, and…


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The fatty meat isn’t greasy at all, and it is absolutely fantastic!





“Specially Selected Japanese Beef Ribs(with sauce)” (1,300 Yen)


The fat dripping off of the meat stokes the flames!



Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The delectable meat is really tender and melts in the mouth!


This is the hot pot that the owner prepared especially for me!


Is that a huge piece of monkfish in there?!


Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
The soup was worthy of a standing ovation, and the monkfish had a nice chewy texture!

I was really impressed that a restaurant specializing in meat could serve a hot pot with fish like this!





Ohhhhhhh, that is good!!
I can’t get enough of that concentrated hot and spicy goodness!

I am so full, and very, very, very, very satisfied!



To offer meat of this high quality at this price leaves me with nothing to say but marvellous!



While the location is not exactly the most convenient, the inside of the restaurant is packed with customers! People flock to this restaurant from both near and far in search of cheap and tasty meat!

If you do plan to visit this restaurant, I recommend getting a reservation before going!


store Haginochaya Tsuruichi Naniwasuji Branch
tel 06-6562-3473
address 3-2-7, Nagahashi, Nishinari-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 610m from Tsumori Station
opening hours [Mon.-Sat.] 17:00~22:30 [Sunday and National holidays] 16:00~22:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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