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Nishinakajima Minamikata “Myeong-dong Sundubu Shin-Osaka Store”

Nishinakajima Minamikata “Myeong-dong Sundubu Shin-Osaka Store”

I recommend this place for people who are in the mood for Korean food and want to enjoy lots and lots of meat on a budget!

I had dinner at “Myeong-dong Sundubu Shin-Osaka Store”, located in Nishinakajima Minamikata. Here, you can enjoy sundubu and other Korean food in a fancy atmosphere. I love this restaurant because you can enjoy genuine and delicious sundubu and other Korean food on a budget! I heard there is a new menu item for people who want to feast on meat, so I went to try it today!


“Select Block of Beef” (800g ¥7480)
You can eat this humongous and ultra thick steak! Have you ever seen such a huge block of meat?! This is definitely not steak, but a block of beef.

They will cook the steak nicely, and slice it at the table, so you can feel relieved in trying to handle this enormous block of beef. You can’t miss this opportunity if you are a meat lover!


They will cook the beef together with garlic slices with lots of care. The way they cook the steak makes you feel like you’ve come to an expensive steak house.


Cooking the sides carefully…


The slices are too attractive and hard to resist!


They will cut the steak so it is easier to eat.


You’re ready to eat if you sprinkle some salt and pepper, put on some garlic chips, and put on a piece of butter!


Enjoy the steak with their special sauce or salt…


First, let’s try the steak with some salt…


Woooooow, delicious!!
The salt multiplies the flavor of the amazingly juicy steak.


Now, let’s try the steak with some garlic chips and their special sauce…


Woooooow, delicious!! It’s too good—!!
Sweet, delicious, juicy…
this steak is irresistible for meat lovers.


Draft Beer



I ordered “Assortment of Kimchi” (¥571)…


Let’s try the steak with some kimchi…


Woooooow, delicious!! Too good—–!!
This huge steak gets a little dry towards the end, so eating it with juicy kimchi is the best choice. The flavor of the kimchi lets you enjoy the beef in a tender and juicy state.




This steak is so inexpensive if you share it together with your friends!







Having mastered all the essence of Korean cuisine, their aspiration to discover something new is just wonderful!


This restaurant is conveniently located close to Nishinakajima Minamikata station and Hankyu Minamikata station! If you want to enjoy affordable Korean food, this place offers awesome traditional Korean cuisine, Korean fusion cuisine, and superb block steak, so make a reservation and try this restaurant!


store Myeong-dong Sundubu Shin-Osaka Store
tel 06-6100-7878
address Shinosaka Taiyo Building 1F, 4-4-11, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 261m from Nishinakajima south Station
opening hours 17:00~23:30
holiday The year-end and New Years holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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