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Yakiniku Osaka Juso store

Yakiniku Osaka Juso store

This famous restaurant, which had been lost due to a fire, has changed locations and is open again!

I had dinner at “Yakiniku Osaka Juso store”, a grilled meat restaurant located in Juso.
It had been damaged by the fire in Juso, so it has changed the location and opened again!
I had never been to the previous restaurant before, but it seems that it was a very popular restaurant for offering amazingly high-quality meat at a very reasonable price.
I was very excited as I headed out to try it today!

“Misuji” (tender meat around the shoulder area) (2800 yen)
Misuji is rare part so if it is available when you go to the restaurant, that means that you are super lucky! And being able to have such a big and thick cut at this price is just astounding!



I grilled it quickly on both sides, just enough for it to change color, on the gas grill…


I sprinkled a little salt on it and…


Wow, delicious!!
The meat is amazingly sweet and juicy, it melts in the blink of an eye!


Draft beer



“High-quality (1450 yen)
The tongue is arranged beautifully on the plate!


I squeezed a little lemon juice on it…


The texture is great and it is delicious!


“Saga beef loin steak” (3200 yen)
This is a huge slice of loin and chuck meat!


I grilled it lightly…


I ate it with wasabi…


Oh my goodness, delicious!!
It melts and vanishes in no time!



“Assorted kimchi platter (3 types)” (480 yen)


It’s so sweet and savory!

Draft beer



“Bara” (belly meat)
This is such a long piece of meat (^^


I grilled it excited and then cut it using scissors…


I dipped it in sauce and…


Ah, this is just delicious!!
The flavors of the meat and the sauce match exquisitely!





“High-quality harami” (tender meat around the diaphragm) (2600 yen)
A thick piece of harami is cut into cubes and served piled up to look like a mountain (^^


I grilled just the surface…



Oh my, so good!!
The flavor of the harami is really rich and incredibly tasty!


Red wine



“Chef’s choice horumon (offal) platter” (750 yen)
This is gorgeous, as it includes many different types of horumon!


All these fresh horumon are really tasty!


“Bean sprouts” (480 yen)


These are really fragrant and delicious!


“Roasted chicken with mozarella and clam tomato sauce” (2800 yen)
Why, but it appears that the specialty of the restaurant’s chef was originally Italian cuisine, so customers can enjoy authentic Italian dishes like this too!


Wow, mouthwatering!
The clam tomato sauce brings out the flavor of the chicken!

I ended up so full and really, really, really satisfied!!





Taking into account the high quality of all their dishes, their price is extremely reasonable, isn’t it?


The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of a building and is more spacious than you might expect, but it is always bustling with customers!
It appears that they have an increasing number of regular customers gathering here as well!



Signature-collecting campaigns and fund-raising activities for the reconstruction after the fire are being carried out in front of the West Exit of Juso station.
It seems that there are still many issues to solve before the area completely recovers from damage caused by the fire, but everybody is collaborating and making efforts in order to make it work!
I would like to make my best to contribute in the support of Juso more and more!!


store Yakiniku Osaka Juso store
tel 06-6885-6668
address NI Building 2F, 1-9-6, Jusohommachi, Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 220m from Jūsō Station
opening hours 17:00~25:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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