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Fukushima Ward: “Kato Shoten Bar Niku Sushi”

Fukushima Ward: “Kato Shoten Bar Niku Sushi”

Specializing in meat, this is the perfect Sushi Bar for raw meat lovers!

I had dinner at “Kato Shoten Bar Niku Sushi”, a sushi bar located in Fukushima Ward that specializes in meat and meat dishes.
This is a restaurant no meat lover could resist, as they offer a wide array of meat-based dishes and sushi, using mainly horse meat, which can be eaten raw!

“Assorted Meat Sashimi Platter” (1500 yen)
Horse meat akami, mane, and chutoro!



I put the akami and mane on top of each other, added some condiments on top, and dipped them in the special soy sauce to eat them…


Ah, delicious!!
The sweet flavor of this outstandingly fresh horse meat expands within the mouth the more you chew on it!


Draft beer



“Japan’s Best Raw Meat Sauce” (1680 yen)
This is a cold pasta dish topped with meat sauce that comes with irregularly chopped chunks of rare meat!



I had the pasta together with the meat…


Oh my, this is yummy!
The sauce, richly flavored thanks to the meat, mingles perfectly with the noodles!

Draft beer



Isn’t this a beautiful liver piece?!


The flavor of the liver is so rich!


High ball


It comes in a super large 700 ml mug, yet it is only 390 yen, tax included!
One can’t help but dance in joy about this!


“Cabbage and Anchovies Coleslaw” (470 yen)
A cheese cracker covers the plate entirely!



The cabbage is hidden under the cheese, so I broke the cracker and added a few anchovies, which are served separately, on top…


This combination could be nothing but simply delicious (^^


“Akami” (180 yen a piece)
“Nakaochi” (250 yen a piece)
“Inari” (250 yen a piece)

I ate these after dipping them in kogashi-shoyu, which is soy sauce lightly browned using a burner…


Ah, simply heavenly!!
The vinegared rice and the raw meat match wonderfully – outstandingly delicious!
The delicate fat on the “nakaochi” is so sweet!

The “inari” even comes with some “marucho” (offal) on top!


Wow, this is delicious!
The sweet broth impregnating the deep-fried tofu fuses with the sweetness of the fat of the marucho, which has been previously boiled in a sweet and salty sauce, resulting in an amazing flavor!


Red wine



“The specialty!! Sashitoro” (680 yen)
A member of the staff uses a burner to lightly grill thinly sliced pieces of an incredibly huge ribeye…


Large? This, too, is just one piece of sushi!!


A hand-rolled piece of vinegared rice is hidden properly under the center of the piece (^^


Ah, amazing!!
The meat is surprisingly sweet and it melts and disappears within your mouth in the blink of an eye!
This is an extremely luxurious kind of sushi, as you can still eat and enjoy the meat left around afterwards (^^


“Pickled Celery” (450 yen)


It has a crunchy texture and the most perfect sour-sweet flavor – exquisite!


“Thick Horse Meat Steak” (2180 yen)
This is a thick rare steak!


Wow, this is just… words cannot describe how delicious it is!!
It is incredibly tasty, amazingly tender, and juicy!

I was so full and really, really, really satisfied!!







All dishes in their menu are really attractive!
Plus, their prices are also very reasonable!



The restaurant, which is housed in a refurbished old Japanese-style house, offers a cozy atmosphere for customers to relax in!


Greatly located right next to Fukushima station!
All members of the staff are lively and thoughtful, which contributes to making customers feel comfortable and at home!
If you like raw meat, make sure you make a reservation and come eat at this restaurant!


store Kato Shoten Bar Niku Sushi
tel 06-6940-7736
address 5-12-18, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 95m from Fukushima Station
opening hours [Mon.-Thu., Sat.] 17:00~26:00 [Fri.] 17:00~29:00
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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