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“Ginnote Umeshin Store” at Nishi Temma

“Ginnote Umeshin Store” at Nishi Temma

At an upscale place, eating deliciously select yakiniku (grilled meat) for a reasonable price!

I had dinner at “Ginnote Umeshin Store”, a yakiniku restaurant in Nishi Temma.
It is a high-quality restaurant with a luxurious interior that serves select meat with good value for the money!
Today, I had the ¥6,000 all-you-can-drink course!


“Salt-grilled tongue, fine grilled shabu-shabu meat (thinly sliced round), sliced boneless short ribs, heart, and beef tripe” (the photograph shows a serving for four people)
Such beautiful meat!


Salt, sauce, ponzu (citrus-based sauce) mixed with grated daikon radish, and lemon are available!


I had the salt-grilled tongue with some lemon juice…


While it is thinly sliced, you can fully enjoy the taste of the tongue!


Draft beer



I had the grilled shabu-shabu meat with the ponzu and grated daikon sauce…


While the meat is full of fat, it is very refreshing with the ponzu sauce!



“Korean tofu served cold,” and “Assorted kimchi pickled vegetables”



“Tip of the joint” (the photograph shows a serving for four people)
Cut into very thick slices, this meat is packed with pure white marbling!



I eat it after lightly grilling it over a charcoal fire…


Wow, deeelicious!!
The thick meat is soft enough that it quickly melts away, and the juices of the meat are surprisingly tasty.


Hot sake



“Boneless short ribs, round, high-quality beef tripe” (the photograph shows a serving for four people)
These I grill with sauce!


It goes well with the flavor of the sauce, and the sauce draws out the taste of the meat to the fullest.


“Vegetable salad”


Refreshingly deeelicious!!


“Scallops” (the photograph shows a serving for four people)


They are big, and get a perfect score for how substantial they are.


“Korean rice-soup with meat on the bone” (the photograph shows a serving for four people)


It has plenty of flavor, and the spicy soup goes well with the tender meat!
With dessert after this, I was full and completely satisfied!!



It is a luxurious space with a spacious interior, and since it is almost all private rooms, you can really relax and enjoy the delicious meat!
While it is an upscale restaurant, a reasonably priced party course is available, so it is an outstanding and convenient restaurant!
Even though it was Sunday, while I was there this large restaurant was completely full of customers!
If you go there, please first make a reservation.


store Ginnote Umeshin Store
tel 06-6312-8888
address Kota Building 2F, 2-10-2, Nishitemma, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 297m from Ōebashi Station
opening hours 17:00~24:00
holiday December 31st and January 1st
Original(Written in Japanese)



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