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Namba “Tentenshuke”

Namba “Tentenshuke”

The Szechuan Mapodofu I unexpectedly encountered was very authentic!

For today’s lunch I went to the Chinese restaurant “Tentenshuke” in Namba, Chuo-ku.
I was initially headed to another restaurant today, but when I passed this place, one of the staff members enticed me saying, “The Mapodofu here is great!” and I ended up going here.

‘Szechuan Mapodofu Lunch’ (¥980)
I asked for an ‘extra spicy’ Mapodofu, which came with fried chicken, salad, soup, Szechuan pickles, free refill rice and almond jelly. It was a very satisfying meal.


It’s great that it is in its hot simmering state.


With the spoon…


Unbelievably delicious!
The meat is seasoned well with Tobanjan (spicy bean paste), Tenmenjan (sweet bean sauce) and combines with the spiciness of the chilli to make a dish you can’t put down.


When I put in the ‘Szechuan Rayu’ (hot sesame oil) on the table, I was amazed at how the pleasantly numbing spiciness was enhanced. It was incredibly good!


Put it on the rice and…


Unbelievably delicious!
Oh no, I can’t stop!


Fried chicken…


Unbelievably delicious!
It is on the small side, but it soaks up the flavor all the more!



I’m also very curious about the Szechuan Tantanmen Lunch.
The items on the dinner menu, also focused on Szechuan cuisine, look attractive too!




The stylish and clean interior made for a very pleasant stay.
I was really lucky to unexpectedly encounter a delicious, authentic Szechuan Mapodofu today.


store Tentenshuke
tel 06-6645-4129
address KABUKI Building 1F, 4-3-15, Namba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 162m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.]11:30-14:30 , 18:00-24:00 [Sat.-Sun. and national holidays]11:30-14:30 , 17:00-24:00
holiday Open everyday (Opening hours might change during the New year and national holidays)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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