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Nakazakicho  “Osaka Naniwaya”

Nakazakicho “Osaka Naniwaya”

Delicious fluffy shaved ice with carefully selected ice, Anko, and Matcha!

I had shaved ice at a shaved ice and Taiyaki specialty store called “Osaka Naniwaya”,located in Nakazakicho! It is normally a Taiyaki shop, but also sells shaved ice during the months of April to the end of September. This shaved ice is known for its great flavors, and causes long lines to form in front of the store during the mid summer months. I have come to the store many times, only to find a swarm of people in front of the store, and simply ended up giving up.
I was lucky today. There happened to be no other customers, and I was able to finally have some!
“Uji Kintoki” (¥600)
So much azuki was sitting atop a shockingly large mound of ice!


Digging into the Matcha flavored shaved ice with Azuki…


Wow! Super yummy!!
The ice is surprisingly fine and fluffy, almost like cotton!
The specially selected high grade Matcha is not too sweet and emanates an amazing aroma!
Moreover, the subtly sweet and aromatic Anko (azuki paste) of a Taiyaki store, is simply delicious!


A ton of Anko is embedded in the ice. I am fully satisfied!





Apparently, the store also specializes in the “milk” flavor. I would definitely like to try that flavor alone.



It will only get hotter going forward. I am worried that I will come here way too regularly (^^


store Osaka Naniwaya
tel 06-6371-1877
address Tengonakasakidori Shopping street, 1-9-21, Nakazaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 190m from Nakazakicho Station
opening hours 10:00~22:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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