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Kyoumachibori’s Western District “Kyoei”

Kyoumachibori’s Western District “Kyoei”

The broth is incredibly tasty! A locally beloved, family-run Japanese-style restaurant.

Today for lunch I went to a Japanese-style restaurant in Kyoumachibori called “Kyoei”.
A friend told me that the Curry Udon is unbelievably delicious, so I immediately went there to eat!

 ”Curry Udon Set Meal” (920 yen)
The Curry Udon is served in a large bowl alongside a generous helping of glossy rice and pickled vegetables!


Full of ingredients like beef, chicken, thin-sliced fried tofu, regular and green onions, and shimeji mushrooms!


I’ll try the thick broth first…


Wahhh! So deliciooooous!!
The condensed broth strongly enhances the flavor of the bonito and konbu. It’s my favorite type of flavor!
It was really too delicious; for a little while I just drank the broth. (^^


Round, smooth noodles…


So deliciooooous!!
Such a soft and tender consistency!
For some reason it gives me a feeling of relief. (^^




So deliciooooous!!
The way the light, tender beef pairs with the superb curry broth is exceptional!


Fried tofu・・・


So deliciooooous!!
The sweet curry broth steadily seeps in and fuses with the tofu for a delicious flavor!


How about I try some of this glossy rice with a hearty helping of broth on top…


So deliciooooous!!
No doubt about it, they complement one another so well!





Japanese will love the easy to navigate menu with its reasonable prices and choices ranging from set meals to udon and soba noodles.
In the afternoon, it always seems to be filled to the brim with neighborhood regulars. Even today customers kept coming in continuously, one after the other!
I will definitely be paying another visit!


store Kyoei
tel 06-6441-3436
address 1-7-12, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 410m from Higobashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 , 17:30~22:00
holiday Saturday and Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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