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Kyomachibori “Sandwich Factory”

Kyomachibori “Sandwich Factory”

A cafe with an amazing atmosphere and reasonably priced delicious sandwiches!

For today’s lunch I went to a sandwich cafe, “Sandwich Factory”, in Nishi-ku Kyomachibori.
As a sandwich aficionado, I have been curious about this place, and today, the four of us devoured the foods together (^^
「Pork fillet cutlet single」(¥820)
An impactful dish with a thick fillet cutlet on toasted bread!


Super yummy!!
The super tender meat released its juice with every bite, and the accompanying thick demi-glace sauce brought out the sweetness of the meat!


「Fluffy egg single」(¥480)
Only ¥480 for so much egg in the sandwich, they are way too generous!


Super yummy!!
The extra thick egg was jiggly and fluffy, and incredibly rich in flavors!


「Japanese Black beef fillet steak」(¥3,200)
A cafe where an egg sandwich is a mere¥480, this is an exceptional price. However, because of the A4 grade Japanese Black beef, they said that there is no profit from this dish at this price!


Super yummy!!
The amazingly tender beef had a surprisingly sweet juice, and the accompanying fruity sauce was simply superb!
Made us feel very luxurious!


Sandwich called for an elegant tea (^^


「Cheeseburger on biscuits」(¥780)
On a first glance, it appears as a hamburger, but the meat is sandwiched between the “biscuits,” instead of the standard buns!


We removed the biscuit on the top, and ate by cutting the rest, with a knife and a fork, into bite size pieces…


Super yummy!!


「Steak rice」(¥890)
This was introduced to the menu from the customer requests for some rice dishes!
A voluminous dish consisting of thinly sliced rare steaks and onions spread all over a mound of rice!


Tried this with an accompanying steak sauce and a bite of rice…


Super yummy!!
The meat was amazingly juicy, and combined with the fruity sauce and the sweet onions, turned the rice simply irresistible!













There are 140 types of sandwiches, along with other attractive ala carte items and an ample selection of sweets.
They offer all you can drink party course, and will accommodate different uses of the restaurant.



The cafe, right next to the Utsubo Park, has a clean, Western themed interior, and gives an elegant feel.
Try this cafe, when you are in the mood for some delicious sandwiches!


store Sandwich Factory
tel 06-6445-6262
address 1-13-2, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 481m from Higobashi Station
opening hours 11:00-17:00 , 18:30-22:00
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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