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» RESTAURANT » “Kyu Yam Tetsudo” in LUCUA 1100
“Kyu Yam Tetsudo” in LUCUA 1100

“Kyu Yam Tetsudo” in LUCUA 1100

A popular authentic spice curry restaurant opened in LUCUA1100!

For today’s lunch I went to curry restaurant “Kyu Yam Tetsudo” in the 2nd basement of LUCUA 1100.
It is the sister shop of “Kyu Yam Tei” in Tanimachi Rokuchome and “Kyu Yam Tei Nakanoshima Store” in Nakanoshima!
I am truly delighted that a restaurant popular for authentic spice curry opened in Umeda(^^
The menu changes every day and there are four types of curry from which you can choose two, and for the rice you can choose either “brown rice” or “turmeric rice”.


“With Field Mustard Beef and Pork Keema 1:1”


Sooooo delicious!!
The rich flavor of the meat and exhilarating spices go together excellently and it’s very delicious!


“With Pickled Eggplant Mutton and Pork Keema 1:4”


Sooooo delicious!!
The mildly sweet meat is also nice and rich!
I didn’t especially feel the spiciness of the “Yam Curry S-Spicy” at first, but as I was eating, it became gradually more spicy and by the end my mouth was burning and I was greatly pleased!



There is smooth curry sauce in the attached pot, and when you pour it on and mix it and eat it…


Sooooo delicious!!
It becomes mellow overall and makes the flavor very rich!



This restaurant opened in “Balchika” where 9 restaurants gather in the 2nd basement. I went around 13:30 and there were six people waiting in front of the shop but I was able to get in right away.
Most likely there will be tremendously long lines on weekends, but it seems you don’t have to wait long on weekdays so try to go on weekdays!
Definitely go and try the delicious authentic spice curry!


store Kyu Yam Tetsudo
tel 06-6151-1544
address Balchika, LUCUA1100 B2F, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 125m from Osaka Station
opening hours 11:00~24:00
holiday Same holiday as LUCUA1100
Original(Written in Japanese)



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