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“DAIDOKOROYA” at the Osaka Eki-mae 2nd Building

“DAIDOKOROYA” at the Osaka Eki-mae 2nd Building

You can eat a Karaage (Deep-fried Chicken) Mountain at the Eki-mae building!

For today’s lunch, I went to “DAIDOKOROYA” at the Osaka Eki-mae 2nd building.
They renewed their menu, adding the “Karaage Mountain” and the “Karaage Set” which gets full marks for its size.
“Karaage Rice Bowl” (¥790)
This item was added when they renewed their menu. With an amazing amount of karaage set on top of a rice bowl and some pickled vegetables and miso soup on the side, it’s a real bargain at this price~!
You can choose from 10 types of toppings and I chose “Chili Mayonnaise!”


Taking a challenging a bite out of a huge karaage piece…


The batter was crisp, crunchy, and very tasty. The well-seasoned chicken meat was also juicy!
As it had large portions of both karaage and rice, even as I kept eating, it felt like the contents of my bowl wasn’t decreasing by much. When I finished everything, my stomach was so full it felt like it would burst. (^^









Their lunch menu only offers four types of karaage sets and karaage bowls. This is a restaurant that has fully specialized in karaage. (^^
Their evening menu and drinks are unbelievably cheap and are definitely a great bargain!




The store makes efficient use of its small space. It gives off a very user-friendly feel where you can just start eating as soon as you want!
This is a place where you can enjoy karaage and beer quick and easy. I believe I will be taking my time sitting here again tonight!


tel 06-6344-1060
address Osaka Eki-mae 2nd Building B1F , 1-2-2, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 166m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:30~13:30 , about 18:00 ~ about 22:00
holiday Sat.-Sun. and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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