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“Shofukuan” at Nipponbashi

“Shofukuan” at Nipponbashi

A super value roast beef bowl lunch that comes with this delicatessen's superb side dishes!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Shofukuan”, a delicatessen located in Nipponbashi’s Kuromon Ichiba Market.
They have a variety of side dishes available for take-out and, just really, everything they have tastes so good, you will moan in deliciousness when you eat them. I actually love this store and come here to shop every chance I get. (^^
I heard they now offer various lunch sets for dine-in so I headed there as soon as I could, and, surprise, surprise! They have the currently very popular “Roast Beef Bowl!”
Their fairly large roast beef bowl comes in a set with three of this shop’s prided side dishes, miso soup, and pickled vegetables, all for only ¥990!


Most places use the top rump cut for their roast beef, but this shop uses higher grade “Flat Iron” cut for theirs.


Thickly Cut Roast Beef


Oooooh, so delicioooouuus!!
The meat is wonderfully tender. It’s moist and juicy, and the sweetness and deliciousness of the meat itself is just amazing!
As expected, flat iron meat roast beef really is completely different~!


Side Dishes


Oooooh, so delicioooouuus!!
I just really, really love this shop’s taste (^^


Miso Soup, Pickled Vegetables


Oooooh, so delicioooouuus!!
You can tell no corners were cut for both their miso soup and pickled vegetables, both taste excellently delicious!


This is what my friend, who went with me, ate. The “Dashimaki Tamago (Rolled Omelet with Dashi) Set Meal” (¥650)!


Within a large bowl filled with dashi sits the giant dashimaki tamago!


It looked so delicious, I couldn’t help myself from taking a bite (^^


Oooooh, so delicioooouuus!!
The egg is tender and fluffy, and the dashi with bonito and kelp taste very strongly infused into it will make you want to cry out in its goodness!
Eating this with rice is sure to make anyone feel really happy~ (^^


I saw this tabletop ad and I got curious.


So, I ordered one (^^
“Finest Kuromon Pudding” (¥250)



Oooooh, so delicioooouuus!!
It had a super smooth and creamy texture, it was rich with the flavor of the eggs, and they held back on the sweetness making it just incredibly delicious!
If you give this as a present to a pudding-lover, they will surely be absolutely delighted by it!



All the items on their lunch menu look really attractive!





Their side dishes were previously sold inside the shop, but they have now moved those in front of the shop, and the inside has been transformed into a dine-in place.
This shop can really come in handy if you’re looking to buy something to eat at home or something to bring to a potluck party.
I’m sure the rest of the items on their lunch menu are just as delicious, so I believe I will be coming here many, many times more!


store Shofukuan
tel 06-6645-0260
address 1-16-9, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 126m from Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station
opening hours 10:00~19:00
holiday Sunday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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