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Nikutareya at Teradacho

Nikutareya at Teradacho

"Roast Beef Bowl": a dish consisting in bowl of rice topped off with the most tender and tasty Japanese Kuroge Wagyu (black haired wagyu)!

I went to “Nikutareya”, a restaurant specializing in grilled meat located in Teradacho, for today’s lunch.
“Roast Beef Bowl” is a very popular dish in the port area at the moment, and this restaurant could be said to be the starter of it all in Osaka. This was my first time visiting it (^^
Their “Roast Beef Bowl” comes in 4 different sizes: “small” (780 JPY,) “standard” (880 JPY,) “large” (980 JPY,) and “extra large” (1080 JPY.)
“Extra large” “Roast Beef Bowl” (1080 JPY)
This is a splendid bowl of rice topped off with a generous amount of roast beef, lettuce, spring onion, grated radish, and an egg yolk!
For the sauce, you can choose between their “roast beef special sauce” or “wasabi shoyu” (mix of wasabi and soy sauce,) so I went with the “roast beef special sauce.”


Roast beef


The meat is juicy and very tender, and it becomes tastier the more you chew on it. The flavor of the sauce matches it perfectly – so, so tasty!
Japanese Kuroge Wagyu roast beef is just truly amazing (^^


I also tried and poured some “wasabi shoyu” on it. This was delicious too!



I broke the egg yolk and mixed it well with the meat…




This dish is served with pickles and a bowl of red miso soup with meat. I was quite satisfied with it!



The restaurant offers a “small” size of their roast beef bowl at the price of 780 JPY. However, at night, the price goes up by 200 JPY, so it is definitely a better deal to come here for lunch!
At any rate, the quality of their Japanese Kuroge Wagyu roast beef bowl is really high, so make sure you go to try it (^^


store Nikutareya
tel 06-6776-9393
address Ace Building 1F, 2-2-7, Teradacho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 206m from Teradachō Station
opening hours 11:00~14:30 , 17:00~24:00
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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